Since I got diagnosed with Fibro my brain is constantly thinking or worrying especially at night. I know I should be switching off lying in bed counting sheep. I’m thinking my back is sore, feet have mega blisters & I cannot decide if i need the loo or a drink. I get bored & either read or watch TV till i drift off or the worrying breaks me down…

Once I’m asleep, I know I’ll never get that replenished sleep I’m wanting & will wake up in more pain or same amount. Then you start the day the same way wanting sleep hoping for some replenished sleep & in pain.

Someone a while ago recommended a sleep therapy course, I looked into it & what a complete waste of money. It’s getting a sleep machine (hearing trickling water will make me pee more!) & then a machine to see how much & what level you get. Thanks to my mobile I can do both already. This course costed £90 including a fitness routine, sleep routine & a helpline number.

I did try the sleep machine app & it made me worry more & hearing a jungle sound was just weird. I downloaded an app which confirmed I was only getting level 1 sleep instead of a combination of all levels.

So I think until something major happens I’ll probably be blogging hoping to fall asleep soon! Maybe I should try the sleep machine app again & find a new sound. I don’t want to be like the guy from Sex and the City Carrie dated, it just be embarrassing. Hope you get the sleep you deserve!

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