British – what is it?

The new Google advert keeps popping up on TV. Its the one where it says about talking into your phone asking questions. One of the question is “what is britishness?” It’s making me think, what makes me british?

I worked in Epcot, Disney and I was constantly been asked what it was like to live in Britain. Never asked what made me feel British? Ask an American what makes them an American and they’ll probably say patriotism, free speech, stars &  stripes etc. In Britain it’s completely different.

The only time we are patriotic is on 11th November for poppy day! When the Queen celebrates a big birthday, being on the throne for years, a couple getting married or sports events….

Being British to me is not any of them…. it’s not when England playing on TV, attending a festival, Wimbledon, going down the seaside, eating a Yorkshire pudding or singing the national anthem. If I don’t experience these things, does this make me less British?

I think being British to me is knowledge of knowing these things… the recipe of how to make Yorkshire pudding or that roast dinner, knowing why its important to move your head from side to side watching tennis, feeling the urge to sing national anthem at the start of the football match, to love the queen or to pay your respect on poppy day.

I love being British but I sometimes wonder could I be more British? As a country could the Britishness be more important here like in America with flags in front garden… who knows??

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