Salmon, Strawberry, Avacado and Pomegranate Salad

Its been a hot summers day, so it wasn’t hard to make a decision on what to have for tea tonight! Especially as a request for Salmon was made.

So tonight’s tea was Poached Salmon, Strawberrys, Avacado, Pomegranate and leaves with a vinegrette dressing.

I love cooking salmon in a hot water bath on the hob. Added lemon into the water & corriander. It comes out tasting fresh and light. I hate when you have a piece of fish and you can’t taste the flavour of the fish. Apart from when its covered in batter dunked in curry sauce!

I love mixing fruit in salads, gives a nice flavour and makes it easier to eat a salad. I love avocados for the slimeyness, taste & texture. Strawberrys to keep my sweet tooth happy & pomegranates for the crunch!

Perception on salad is always different to anyone you talk to. My stepdad thinks fruit shouldn’t be added into salads. If you see his salad it be lettuce, tomato, branston pickle, potato’s and some type of meat.

Either way tonight was salad and it was delicious. Doesn’t matter how you have your salad you can’t beat a vibrant salad on a hot summers day!

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