Boyzone, pubs and Scarborough!

Yesterday, me and one of my close friends Amy and her sister Lucy travelled to Scarborough to see Boyzone! Before you think it, yes I know who they are, yes I know they’re not trendy, it was my choice to go and I had a fabulous time!

We started the day travelling to Scarborough, Amy doesn’t drink, so it’s wonderful excuse to have some beverages! We went to a pub called Scarborough Flyer, a recommend if your’re ever in Scarborough! I had some Old Mount Cider, some BBQ ribs, onion rings and chips! I’ve realised over my many years of stupid drinking to line the stomach before drinking!

We moved onto Wetherspoons, where the usual victims were spotted, the old man sat by himself, the man on the pull, the man getting a cheeky pint, group of women being all sophisticated, the loud group of men and a Hen Party! The hen party were sat beside us, it was quite strange seeing them all dressed up. They were in leggings and a black top, with brightly coloured tutus and matching accessories! They were then spotted later at the concert….

Lucy is a big fan of micro pubs, so we ventured onto the Stumble Inn, a little pub with 6 different types of drinks and lots of beer mats on the Wall. The worst thing was, I tried all 6 different types, thanks to the bar man, they all tasted like vinegar and piss, all flat! Let’s say we didn’t stay long… worth a trip if you like that type!

One more stop, at the North Riding Brew Pub…. just amazing typical pub! Where a bar maid recognised us from the previous year!! Couple of drinks, moved onto go watch Boyzone!!!

We arrived at Scarborough Open Air Theatre, love this venue, but was a bit surreal that when stood at the bar, Les Battersby was next to me!

So last year, we came to Scarborough to see them and I fully enjoyed it, but was a bit sceptical it would be the same thing. However the boys did an amazing job! Best thing was hearing “Everyday I love you” for the first time since Stephen passed away. Really reminds me of listening to it in my bedroom with Steph! It was great hearing all the hits, “when the going gets tough”, “love will save the day” and “life is a roller coaster!” What totally reminded me of my childhood, but mainly for another show called Sister Sister, where Tia and Tamera sang “you can’t hurry love.” Love that song….

Overall it was a really good concert, lots of people around me drinking or drunk, lots of drinks and lots of dancing, thinking I was a kid all over again!! If you’ve never seen them, always wanted to, go see them…. they’re amazing!

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