BBQ Chicken Sweet Potato

So for the past few weeks, I’ve been watching Biggest Looser USA, series 14. Now I know a lot of people, didn’t really get the UK version, but when I lived in USA I got addicted to the show. I spotted that the recent series was starting on Sky Living. So I hit series link and started watching it. I think the contestants have a huge chance to lose a lot of weight. One which I would like to do one day, however I would like to keep the curves!

So this week, it’s all about eating right and making right food decisions. They started with a shopping budget, buying their own food, which a lot of them admitted they don’t do. One girl saying she went to fast food take out joints every meal time for something to eat. Personally for me living out there, there was so much choice Taco Bell, Wendys, Chinese, Earl of Sandwich and not forgetting McDonalds. I missed home cooking, cooking it myself. I did do some whilst out there, it was costly and they were cheaper to eat from. Next they got a chef coming in talking to them about nutrition and making a healthy meal. Yep you’ve guessed it, a Southwest Loaded Jacket Potato’s.

I’m never really been fussed on Jacket Potato’s, I think I’ve figured it out why tonight. It’s down to the white potato and it making me feel ill and bloated afterwards. Kinda puts me off eating them. I never had them at uni, with the mother hating potato its not something I think about. This one looked good……..

It’s a sweet potato, just cooked in the microwave and finished off in the grill. With BBQ chicken, which was left overs from yesterdays roast dinner cooked by the Stepdad. Just shred the chicken, mix in the BBQ sauce, put in the microwave for a few minutes and it tastes amazing.  A going off avocado which I bought a whilst ago and one of my favourite foods. Some greek yoghurt on top to finish it off. To be fair they did some other stuff but the basic of the dish was there.

I love BBQ pulled pork, best one I ever had was the one my Dad cooked and burnt on the BBQ. My now, step-mother kicked off with me taking photos and thought I was going to share on social media. Actually I sent the photo to someone on text. So Dad if you’re reading this, please make the BBQ pulled pork again…. it’s up there with Fish Pie!

So another recipe, watched on TV and tried out and tasted fabulous. Give it ago, you might like it. I’m back to watch who get’s kicked out and to see if Jackson gets through!! Come on Jackson!!!

My dad cooking the best BBQ pulled pork I've ever tasted. The photo the step-mother kicked off about... oops!!

My dad cooking the best BBQ pulled pork I’ve ever tasted. The photo the step-mother kicked off about… oops!!

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