Social Networking….

Seven years ago my sister walks through the door after being at university telling me she just signed up to this new thing called Facebook. She helped me set up an account, became friends with her and showed me how to use it. Seven years on I still have the account, put up drunken photos, taken down drunken photos, added friends, deleted friends, found out important life events of friends and shared my own. Today, I now have Timehop telling me what I first did when I set it up.

Today social network allows me to keep in contact with friends from around the world, from when I worked at Disney. It helps me to stay in contact with friends from university, old work places, old school friends, family who I’ve not seen for years and family who I don’t get to see often.

The thing which I love the most about is how its developed, how it affects everything you do today, if you like it or not. I love that there’s a movie (which is really good!) about Facebook, which I got to watch whilst studying about the topic. You can connect with people, who you thought would never be possible. As a teen, I fell in love with a man called David Beckham, today as a person in her twenties, I can now tweet him and follow him on Instagram. It’s great!

If you ask my mother, what she thinks about social networking, she would say that it’s dangerous! Start a rant, which will last about four stories, telling how people go into trouble with writing a post about what they did at work. The true fact whilst I hear the same rant for the 100th time, it actually makes sense. My last role, I didn’t add people onto Facebook, as I didn’t want to get into trouble, now I believe that they thought it didn’t make me a team player.

Though social networking, has developed it does make me think if its for the good or for the bad. Some would argue both cases, I guess its just another one of those things where you as the person has to make the decision. Personally for me, I love the fact you can follow celebrities, its easier to stay connected with people or reconnect with someone and you can share what you think. For me, a lesson which I very much learnt two years ago, it can be dangerous and you have to be careful what you think as it can hurt people and friendships. I wouldn’t have anyone from work on it as you don’t know what might be said or read and taken the wrong way. Its not just what you write it can also be found under hash tagging as well.

To end my own rant about social networking, its great to follow David Beckham, a fun tool to have on your phone or whatever, but just becareful what you write, how you write it and always think “should I post this?” If the answer is NO or I might regret this when sober, then please double think about it!

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