The new Top Gear Show

It’s been announced tonight that Top Gear will be now taken over by Chris Evans. Though I think Chris Evans is the right choice, been a car enthusiast, loves the show already and the owner of the Chitty Chitty Bang Bang car. I don’t think it’ll be the same, without Jezza, Captain Slow and Hammond. The three men which drove Top Gear to the show it is today. The show that you want to watch on Sunday nights. The show you want to watch to miss a university lecture. The show you watch when really hungover, bored or there’s nothing else on. I do find myself putting on Top Gear the Arctic special on DVD, re watching the race to Oslo, watching celebrities take their laps or when they brought all the vehicles to The Mall in London. I hope when they bring it back they don’t loose the essence of the show, having new presenters taking over the show. Either way, Good Luck to Chris Evans on the new Top Gear show!

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