Dear Birthday Fairy….

Dear Birthday Fairy,

I know that I am turning 29 years old this year, but when has that ever stopped me wanting Disney themed presents. From wanting everything Beauty and the Beast when I was younger. To all things Mary Poppins, Goofy or anything else I fancied whilst living in Disney. To a talking Dug, a Lotso Bear, Disney Infinity to all the cookware produced. This year a new dream gift has come into fashion….. Disney Vans!

So, I know what you’re thinking there just shoes! Yes they are shoes, shoes that I’ll probably get dirty, scuffed up or worn until they have holes in the bottom. I have done this many times before. (The famous hole pair shoes was pair I wore in London, my dad realised they had holes in when we went to a Vegetarian Restaurant in London. I was walking somewhere and a stone got in my shoe, my dad realised it had a massive hole in them. Lets just say he wasn’t happy.) These shoes have pictures of Mickey, or Minnie, or Donald or even Goofy.

The pair I want is a Mickey pair. Let’s face it, it all started with him. They’re white base with picture of his face on lots. They have a red lace and a red trim on the sole too. They look really cool!!! So if the birthday fairy is reading this, please may I have a pair below in a size 8. I would very much appreciate this.

Muchos Love,



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