Going to the races….

Today is Ascot Races down in Berkshire. My dad, his wife and two old friends of my dads have gone there today. Which is quite strange knowing that when I was younger they used to hang out when it was my mum and dad. Times have changed and strange things like this you shouldn’t think about and just move on. So I hope their having a nice time and enjoying themselves. From the picture my dad posted this morning, he looked handsome. It got me thinking about going to the races….

When I was a kid, as a family we went to York Races. I think for the most of it, me and my sister spent our time on the shuggy boats. They were lots of fun and some happy memories. I do remember my dad teaching about how to bet, my mum making picnics and my gran sat there having fun. Mainly looking through her old binoculars at the horses. Watching me, sarah and the parents run to the finish line every time a race was about to finish. There was two sides at York Races, the posh side and the family side of it. I remember going on both sides, the posh side to keep my dad happy and the other side to let me and Sarah on the shuggy boats.Overall it was some good times.

In 2009, me, my dad, his wife, my sister and her husband went to Sandown Races. This was a bit strange as it was first time we really spent time together. It was a fun day, we drank pimms, put bets on the horses and had a good time. It was more of an adult occasion and was fun to do. Hope to be repeated soon as dad did promise we would do Ebor.

In 2011, after finishing three years in Chester studying for my degree. My friends and I decided to head over to Chester Races, not just to celebrate finishing but to celebrate Jess’s birthday. However big disaster occured that morning, made the day well tricky and just madness. The day after I was moving out of Chester to head home as the lease was up and I made the decision to move back to the North East. That morning whilst trying to get ready, Kate used up all the hot water. I dived over to the gym to use theirs and it was awful. Mum and my step dad Ian was heading down to help me move. Lucky for me they offered to help me finish my packing I have left. Thank god they did or I would still be there now. I missed pre-drinks at Jess’s, finally arrived at the races, so flustered and stuff that it started off the day wrong. Jess just said “relax, you’re here now and just enjoy the day.” That evening we went to a pub for a meal and mum and Ian joined us, we all went out for one last night. To be fair looking back it was lots of fun. I do have to say why we didn’t do it as often as we could have done.

The races overall, always makes me think of my Gran and how she loved it. Every Grand National, I always put a bet on for her with a larger and lime in hand. It would have been fun to go with her, when I could bet and drink! Another thing I always think of is when Mary Poppin’s wins the horse race!!!

Guess the future for the races for me is either go back with friends or go with family. It be fun to go with nephew to show him all about shuggy boats!! As a kid I loved the family side for the rides and stalls there was there, but as an adult the posh side will be more fun! Not just because the bar is on that side…. actually that’s the only reason!! A reason to head to the races for friends. Either way today’s Ascot Races, has got me thinking about going to past races. Some day soon, I hope I go back….

PS: Does going to the races make me more British? Definitely helps……..

Me and my friends at Chester Races!

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