What is in a dad?

So I’m in a very lucky situation where I have two amazing men in my life, who I can call Dad and Step-dad. Two men who have supported me, backed me up, given me advice when I need it or don’t think I need it and teaching me how to cook. I love both of these men equally, they have both been there when I need it, I’m very a very lucky girl.

My dad, Anthony has been there right from the very start, let’s face it, he 50% created me! Though we have had our ups and downs over the years, he’s always backed me on my decisions. I’m not going to sit here and say I was the perfect child, because I really wasn’t. Typical child getting up to no good, being cheeky, no respect for items and maybe should have kept quiet more. If I think about it, I did create some unforgettable moments. At a very young age, I locked my mum and dad out the house, so my dad had to climb over the roof. We once biked back to the house, purchasing my new new bike and I clashed it on the floor, as I wanted a pee. Dad wasn’t happy spending the money and for me to clash it outside the house… oops! When I was on my bike, I used to go past boundaries set by the parents, having to race home and not be caught by them, or having to say to my dad “no you didn’t see me on my bike near the main road.” In true fact we both knew I was there. Overall, there was some good times, Dad wearing giant trousers catching cookies based around a Rugrats game in Nickelodeon in Universal Florida, driving around america singing along to Jimmy Buffett, spending my 18th birthday in New York and being in Florida for my 21st whilst I worked there. Many good times, not including much more like Sarah’s Wedding, his wedding, going to Paris, Bath and down south visiting my Uncle Dave. When I got older, he supported me moving out and moving down to live with him, he encouraged me to move to Disney and financially supported me all the way through that. When I decided to go to university and study, he checked my essays, presentations and give me inspiration. So that I got 92% on an essay based around Jimmy Buffett. Even these past five years, he’s carried on supporting when times have been tough with my Fibromyolgia. So, thanks Dad for always being there!

My stepdad, Ian is not technically my stepdad have never married my mum (yet!) but I’ll always count him as it. He’s never pushed him on me or my sister, he took it natural. Gave me space to spend time with my mum, never pushed his advice on me and just supported me. For that I’ll respect him. Like my dad we’ve had our ups and downs too. However what I remember the most is his talk over being a responsible driver, to let him know if I ever get into trouble, which I have taken full advantage over. Him and my mum leaving a pile of condoms on my bed when I was 17. Cleaning up the back door after my 25th birthday after I threw up down it – oops and helping me move house, lots! I know I’m lucky I see him all the time, unlike his kids. Knowing this makes me love his daughter Chloe and son Jack more and more. Ian may have a condition, he may be in pain 24/7, he may shy away when he’s in pain, but he’s there. He honestly can relate to what I go through with my own struggles. Thanks Ian, for always being there!

What’s in a dad? He might be the one from birth or not, he might have seen you through your younger years or older years but he’s the one that is there for you. To them both, I love you lots, I love for what you do for me, I love for the lessons you taught me, I love you for your cookery tips and I love that I know your both are always going to be there for me!!

Happy Father’s Day to you both, Love you lots, Charlotte xxx

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