Why I’ve been quiet?

So I haven’t posted on here for a while but to be fair life has been up and down. It’s been good fun, as I got to spend time with my dad and his wife, see my nephew and sister and find some joy in my life. The downside has been that my fibromyalgia has affected me lots and causing me more noticeable pain.

Yes my spinal code is painful, yes the pain across my shoulder has tightened and arms are sore and some nights its painful to lift them. My legs so much in pain that its hard to even move. I can carry on….

In London my left eye felt like it was underwater which was quite scary. Its happened before but not like that. I think combination of hot weather and not enough fluids caused it. My face feels awful, whenever it gets hot it goes really tight. Its like I have a face pack thats tightening up alot. It affects my bags under my eyes as they’ve swollen up. If any pain this would be the one I would like relief for.

So that’s been my life the past few weeks! Nothing spectacular, just a lot of pain caused by having fibromyalgia. Here’s the update of what’s been going on with this charlotte….

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