On July 10th 2008, I completed my last shift working at Walt Disney World, in the UK pavilion located in EPCOT theme park. I completed a year’s program, which took me to a whole new level of finding out who I am. I started off working in Food and Beverage, after a whilst I went over to work in merchandise. In merchandise is where I did my last shift. Feels like yesterday, but cannot believe it was 7 years ago!

Every year on July 10th, I think about my last day working in Disney. Starting the day with Clyde my manager singing to us leaving, starting the shift in toys shop and ending selling my last Newcastle united shirt. It then went onto signing out with a very good friend of mine. Having a drink in Rose and Crown, last song with the Beatles and watching fireworks for the last time at Wishes.This year it got me thinking of the graduation ceremony with Mickey and Minnie, all my arrival group in the different pavilions with our managers. It was lots of fun, got a caricature, a picture with Mickey and Minnie, lots of food and pictures with friends and managers. One of my favourite pictures, was with the whole merchandise team graduating, the managers who got us through it all, Minnie and Mickey.


Since this day I have graduated another two times, once for my Ba in Marketing and Events Management and the latest one for my PGCE. Both different days, but both appreciative for what I’ve achieved. My Ba one was in Chester, a day spent with my mum, my dad and my sister. It was nice spending the day as foursome, going to the ceremony, photos taken and then out for lunch. After I went for a drink with my dad and his wife before spending the night with friends on a night out. I put my foot down just being the four of us for during the day, but it was worth every argument looking back. It was the last day we spent as a foursome, but it was magical!

Chester Graduation

Chester Graduation

The PGCE was at Darlington College, spent the day with my mum and her partner. It was a small ceremony, filled again with photos and then went out shopping and a Chinese on the night. The funniest thing that happened was the old man on stage falling asleep and everyone panicking going up and down the stage. Sarah had her hubby and Josh at the time and my dad didn’t want to go full stop. It was nice being able to celebrate something, I loved doing.

2015-02-07 13.06.12

I’m lucky to have been able to graduate once, but to do it another two times, shows me how lucky I am. Both my Ba and PGCE, I wouldn’t have been able to get through without the support from my friends, family, tutors and pure luck. Both my degrees wouldn’t have happened without everything starting with a mouse!

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