Great Ayton to the West End

So I thought I would explain what I’ve been up to lately…..

Summer is eventually here, although the weather for next week doesn’t look brilliant with forecast rain. It still keeps you smiling. I’m not a fan of sunbathing in the garden, as I personally find it boring! The thought of lying still is not for me! I like to be doing something having fun and enjoying the sunshine! Though to be fair I do sometimes like to read a book and chill out.

Last Friday, I spent the day wandering around Thirsk and Northallerton, well I say wandering more like following the Mother as she went off to buy bits. It was nice as we had lunch, got to go shopping and bought some amazing buffalo burgers for tea. The farm shop is in Brompton, I always get a shock when we go there as it’s an actual working farm. On the way home, we spotted a sign saying “Pick your Own Fruit.” I’ve not done this since I was a kid, and I don’t really remember when this was! It was fun as we went and got lots of gooseberries, as me and mum love this fruit! We came back and made gooseberries syrup! It be used up more with being ice cream season. If you’ve ever been to Great Ayton in North Yorkshire/Cleveland, then you will know of Suggitts! It’s very tasty ice-cream.

Suggitts in Great Ayton

Suggitts in Great Ayton

I went to visit my dad and his wife, on the Sunday my sister, her hubby and my gorgeous nephew Joshua came to visit. Dad decided we should attend the “West End Village Fair.” Now I’ve done lots of craft fairs, shows around the north yorkshire but never this one. It was good, lots of little kids performing dances which was sweet, but the best one was a Zumba class. Not kidding there was this old lady who would put anyone to shame, she was so athletic! The fair had its usual stalls, a wine guessing game, sweets stall, cake stall, shoot out football game, craft stalls, beer stalls etc. Their was two odd stalls, one was a pet studio! Now I’m all up for this as people love their pets, but nothing I’ve ever seen at a village fair. The other one was plate smashing, vintage plates, bowls, mugs etc been broken by a ball. Personally it was a waste of vintage plates.

West End fair sign

West End fair sign

Whilst visiting Dad and his wife, I went to stay with my Sister and my nephew for a few days. My nephew wasn’t very well, but it was fun spending the day with him. Playing with him, realising that this little boy has a voice and can now crawl. He’s absolutely gorgeous and every day I get to spend with him is a privilege and a bonus! I also got to spend time with my sister, which was fab! She treated me out to lunch, spent time in reading and just chilled out with her! It doesn’t happen often but when it does I appreciate it. So thank you to my fabulous Sister!

I’ve returned home, spent the day out with my friends, meeting up for lunch or just drinks! So far summer hasn’t shaped up to be to bad… let’s just hope it keeps on going and be lots of fun!!!

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