Auntie Char update!

So my gorgeous little nephew who is 10 months old at the end of this week, has officially started crawling! The last time I was down he was on the verge of crawling. Bum shuffling, moving forward and then back but not back legs action! His mum sent me a message to say he started crawling then sent me a video of him moving! Tonight visiting them I got to see him do it for real!!!!! Boy can he crawl……..

It makes me think of things to come in the future, when he first walks, says his first words, starts school, first time he kicks a ball, gets excited about christmas time and I think the one I’ll cry at when he says Auntie Char for the first time!

Whatever he does he’ll make this Auntie very very proud of him! Cannot wait to see what the future holds for him!!

Love you little man, from your crazy Auntie Char xxx

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