Restaurant Review: Vista Mar, Saltburn

Today I caught up with one of my close friend, Anna. We met each other in secondary school, being in the same form group. We stayed together all the way through maths with Mr Reeve, sitting through lessons with him all five years we were there. Though our school days weren’t the best, today we can sit down and have a giggle over everything. When we turned 16, our friendship continued until Anna moved to Manchester, with a boy who we now call an idiot. Few years passed, we both moved on with our lives, keeping in contact on Facebook. When I moved back from uni, Anna moved back to the area, our friendship picked up like we were back in school. Since then we have made sure we catch up on a regular basis. Today was one of those times…

Living in the North East, we have some amazing coast lines views and places to visit. A favourite of mine is Saltburn by the Sea, a small Victorian town. It has a pier, you can walk down or fish off which my stepdad, Ian is a fan of. It has a Clif Lift, which is good when hungover and you cannot walk up the very steep scary hill. It has some fabulous shops and places to eat. Today we went to a favourite of mine, Vista Mar. Set on a hill looking over the beach and pier, it has amazing views of Huntcliff too. We went for lunch, came out filled and WOW’d over what we had to eat.

We had two platters, one a Spanish and the other was seafood. The Spanish platter had The Spanish and Seafood Platter from Vista Mar in Saltburn!meats, olives, cheeses and salad bits. The seafood platter had giant mussels, prawns, smoked salmon, crab, smoked fish and salad bits too. They looked amazing, Anna was very shocked as she didn’t know or tasted some of the foods before. I love trying new things to eat, seeing the way they were presented was fabulous too. I always struggle on how to present food, but today I liked it. Came home feeling very full from it, wanting to go back again very soon. We’ve been before, having sandwiches, cakes and coffee or dinner.

If your ever in Saltburn, head to Vista Mar, you definitely won’t be disappointed!! Amazing food, great prices, on a sunny day a place to be!!

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