Pasta, Risotto and Pineapple Chicken

I haven’t posted on here for a whilst what I have been cooking so thought I would do an update. I love cooking, trying new recipes is my favourite thing to cook. I always think that the meal tastes different the second time and it disappoints me. If I do repeat the meal, its normally a whilst after I do it the first time, so hopefully it doesn’t disappoint. I wish there was a way to where this wouldn’t happen.

So the first one I cooked is a pasta dish. I found the recipe of Pinterest and I had all the ingredients in the house. Its linguine or spaghetti, bacon, figs, sun dried tomato and goats cheese. I added mushrooms and spinach into the dish as they needed using up. Its creamy and delicious. I know you could probably do this dish with soft cheese but I find goats cheese give it a different flavour. It tasted really good, got some good compliments when I made it.

2015-07-09 18.22.31

From a young age, I got taught how to make risotto. This started from my dad teaching me his Seafood Risotto, to cooking Vodka and Prawns risotto whilst at Middlesbrough College. I learnt the trick about the risotto, add butter with a drop of oil to start with, more the merrier on adding booze and anything can go in risotto. As I’ve got older and my IBS affects me more, I swapped the risotto rice to pearl barley rice, as it doesn’t affect my stomach as much. I made chicken, tomato, basil and pearly barley risotto. There wasn’t a recipe for this, just knowing the flavours go together. Also my mum bought a chicken pack with 5 chicken breasts, I needed to use up the spare one. It worked really well, especially with a glass of wine!

2015-07-07 18.29.11

I visited my sister, her hubby and my wonderful nephew, but on the first night I made tea, a chicken stir fry, sweet and sour sauce with rice. A new experience for me was cooking boil in the bag rice, I normally have the 2mins bag of rice. Making it was fun, they ate it and liked it!

The last dish I’ve made recently was a chicken and pineapple dish. Something I spotted on Pinterest ages ago and always wanted to cook, however it didn’t turn out that successful. The recipe is to squash a chicken between to pieces of pineapple. Not really having a recipe, it didn’t turn out great. I forgot to score the pineapple, to let the juices run out, the chicken breasts not flatten enough and it didn’t cook that well. After some readjusting and tweaking it turned out ok. Not a dish I would make again, but was fun!

2015-07-08 18.13.47Overall the dishes were fun to make and though they don’t always turn out the way you want them. I like that you learn something new, you know for the next time, if you make them again. Overall here are the recipes I’ve been cooking, I recommend them all if you get a chance!

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