Going for a Wander: Robin Hood’s Bay

A lazy Friday afternoon, a trip out and wanted to be by the Sea, so where do me and my mum end up, Robin Hood’s Bay. If you seen the movie Wild Child, you would have heard of it. As my mum pointed out its the place where the Coast to Coast Walk ends. It’s a pretty little fishing village, with a very very steep hill. It’s located outside of Whitby, where Dracula is famous, so close it’s worth the extra few mins in the car to visit. Everyone on Teesside rave on about Whitby, though I have been several times, it’s not for me, a place to go for drinks or fish and chips and that’s it. Even Jeremy Clarkson and James May rant on about Whitby in their World’s Worst Car DVD, which is actually very funny to watch! Visiting Robin Hood’s Bay, reminds me of this area picture landscapes. The fact I can leave mum’s house, be on the moors in minutes, be by the sea and I forget. I rant onto my friends and family about the beauty of Wales, how pretty it is, but I forget how gorgeous this area really is. Robin Hood’s Bay has reminded me of this. We wandered around the area, looking at the cottages, the shops and watching kids with nets fishing for items. At the bottom of the hill, me and mum spotted a restaurant and decided to have Whitby Scampi! I love scampi, reminds me of my Gran, so a half pint larger and lime has to be ordered as well. Mum was driving, she gets twitchy when I drive, so its easier and I can have a drink. After walking back up the hill, stopping at the shops, we decided to head to Saltburn to sit on the top and watch the sea. A favourite place of mine and mums. I love Saltburn! Ice cream was needed, so we found a van, a bench and sat watching kids run around, whilst parents go after them. Discussing what we would do if my nephew was here, hopefully one day soon! Overall it was a good day, if you get a chance to go to Robin Hood’s Bay…. go!

Robin Hood's Bay Hill

Robin Hood’s Bay Hill

Scampi, Chips and Peas

Scampi, Chips and Peas

Robin Hoods Bay Beach

Robin Hoods Bay Beach

One of the shops there...

One of the shops there…

Saltburn Pier and Ice Cream

Saltburn Pier and Ice Cream

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