Before I kick the bucket………

So I’m watching a show called “Before I kick the bucket…” which is currently on BBC IPlayer for anyone to watch. It’s about a lass called Rowena Kincaids, from Cardiff (woo! Cardiff!!) who is talking about bucket lists. She says at the start of the programme that the bucket list idea, came from watching the same movie as my idea The Bucket List with Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman. She says about having a bucket list and way she thinks about having one or not. She goes ahead and meets a lady with a terminal brain tumour, instead of having a bucket list she has a fuckit list. She says it gives her strength and willpower to continue and goals to reach out for instead of hiding away. I’ve read/heard stories about people who have a condition and keeping their brain occupied over a task/list/event to focus on they actually live longer. So I applaud this person for having her fuckit list. She then goes off meeting a lady who is against bucket lists altogether, how they have no point to your life. Her argument is that you can have these lists but you won’t get them all achieved or it will continue to grow having new entries on the bucket list. After she goes meet a medical man, who outlived his doctor prediction. He now is married, with kids and has a job in London. He lives life to the fullest not having a traditional bucket list but accomplishing dreams and wishes he wants to do. Rowena at the end of meeting all three, says there’s no need of having a bucket list but meeting goals and challenges she wishes to achieve. Her series will show what she achieves and how it happens etc.

Going back to the lady against them, her idea that it’s just making a list. I see the whole making the list, is no difference to making a jobs list, shopping list, birth plan or whatever…. Just a list of things you have to do whether you achieve it or not. Lists for me, should be in a workplace or at a home. Not in someone’s life…. I don’t see my 30 things to do before I’m 30 as a list, but something I want to achieve an do with my life. To give me a goal, boy do I need one! To achieve something you want to do in life, but to seize the moment. I forget most of my time I’m alive to do this, to remember life is a gift and to live it. That there is someone worse off than you. For me Rowena Kincaid’s, the people she meet, have a reason to do this. They have an end target to achieve a goal, something again I lack, for that I admire them to want to do this. Whilst I still ponder over my 30 things to do before I’m 30, I have to remember life is a gift and to have fun and achieve the things you wish to do.

I will definitely be following Rowena’s series and seeing what she does, because people like her I applaud and admire. If you have BBCiPlayer go check it out, you won’t be disappointed!

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