Cupcakes and Budweiser!

So today has been one of those days, that I’d quite like to forget. So instead of sitting on the sofa, watching more bad movies or TV programmes I decided to bake.

Reading other people blogs about how they got into cooking, it comes down to the same reason. To keep busy and to distract them from what’s going in their real life. I think I am the same too. So today I made Maple Bacon Cupcakes.I love bacon, the taste, the aroma when cooking it and the versatile of the ingredient. I’ve always had bacon sandwiches from a young age, but my love for bacon started when I was in the USA. Not having what we count as bacon aka the medallion bit, meant having streaky bacon throughout the year. It didn’t taste the same! So when it came to landing back in the UK, my reaction was “hi mum” *hug* here’s my suitcases and ran to the nearest bacon sandwich outlet! Immediately got one! Over my bacon love, its developed friendships at university, love for recipes and appreciation of the product. I now have a “snobish” outlook over it though, as I believe Co-Op bacon is the best bacon out there!

Maple Syrup is one of those products I only think about when it comes to either BBQing or pancakes? The day my nephew was born I went out for Waffles with my friend Anna. That morning Anna tried Maple Syrup for the first time, it’s now changed the way she eats pancakes.

The cake mixture was very similar to our family one we have to make american pancakes. Cook for 20 minutes, allow to cool and decorate with maple butter cream and fried off bacon bits. I thought the cake taste was subtle as I couldn’t really taste the maple. As a fan of maple syrup, I do like my pancakes drenched in this be it Pancake Day, 4th July or Christmas Day. I think personally I would add more syrup in it. Making the topping meant I could taste it, even the topping didn’t have enough in it! So we added more…

Baking meant thinking about tea, having chicken breast to use up and bacon in the house, only one meal came to mind. Hunter’s Chicken! Having Budweiser sauce in the house reminds me of living in Florida and going to eat in the Budweiser tent in Sea World. This barbecue sauce, has more flavour and makes a really good choice. I personally don’t like it smothered in sauce, but just a little cut in the chicken few teaspoons of sauce, covered with a bacon medallion then cheese in last few mins to top off with. It’s delicious! Sweet potato’s chips is perfect to go along with it.

So what started and kept on going to be a lousy day meant having two good things to eat tonight. Though this is not good for the waistline, they were delicious. I think at the moment I am going through a tough time, life isn’t going to get better unless I make it better!

Maple and Bacon Cupcakes

Maple and Bacon Cupcakes

Budweiser BBQ Sauce

Budweiser BBQ Sauce


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