Learning about a great man….

As a child, history was never a subject I enjoyed. I didn’t grasp to the subject or I could relate to. If you ask me about history today, I have a slightly similar view. This is only about certain era’s in history? (is that right?!) The prehistoric dinosaur age does not grab me!! As I’ve got older and I have discovered more, seen documentaries, movies, TV shows and even read books. I’ve become more interested in certain periods in history. I think this is because I can relate to it and find something I love and want to find out more on why it happened?

Last year, whilst watching Great British Menu, a show where chefs compete to cook food for a final banquet set around a theme. If you not seen it, check it out, this year’s starts on 5th Aug on BBC 2! Each season has a theme, this year is to celebrate 100 years of WI. Last year, it was based around 70th anniversary of D-Day. Each chef had to design a menu inspired by this time, the men serving in the war and the people back home making meals. A lot of the chef’s found inspiration from Winston Churchill.

Before watching the show, I had a very limited knowledge over this great man. I knew he was the Prime Minister during both World Wars, he smoked a cigar and he made a lot of speeches. I’m afraid that was about it….. After watching the show, I said I wanted to go visit places he was connected to and read more about him. Lucky for me there was lots of documentaries about him last year, which I watched and read some stuff. I haven’t come across a book, that’s got me! So if you recommend any, let me know. Visiting my sister in Reading for her baby shower, me and mum decided to go via Oxford on the way back home. Mainly so we could go to Blenhem Palace, I could visit the Hogwarts original dining room and to see the city in general.

Blenhem was amazing, its a huge house, where Churchill was born and has so much history and amazing gardens. We saw the paintings he drew, the letters he wrote during the wars, his pyjamas and what people thought about him. Even a very cool Champagne Bar! We did a tour whilst we were there about the housemaids who lived there! Leaving Blenhem we found out that Churchill’s resting place was close by in a village called Bladon. Being so close by, we had to go pay our respects. It was strange being there as the church was open to the public, the grave was kept clean and tidy. I normally don’t like visiting them, but this was a must.

From visiting Blenhem I found out that the train that took Churchill from London to Oxford to his resting place in Bladon was going to be at York Railway Museum. I had to go take a look. This is probably strange, but when I was in the church, photos, readings from the funeral were there to look at. When I got home, there was a TV show about this day, interesting as it had his grand child, Celia Sandys talking about her encounter of the day. Today, we went to York Railway Museum and went to see the train and carriage. I know trains are suppose to be huge but this one was hugeeeeeeeeeee!!

Tonight has got me thinking about other things I can do to carry on learning about this amazing man! I want to buy the book Chasing Churchill written by Celia Sanyds his granddaughter. Go see his statue by Houses of Parliament. Have a pint in the Churchill Arms, I know its not related to him, but it has his name in the title. Go to Churchill War Rooms – I honestly don’t think I’ve ever been…. Go to the Chartwell House in Kent, where he lived when he was married, see his butterfly display.

I know that I have a lot more to learn about this man. What I know already, what I have learnt about him, his speeches he made, the way he was prime minister for both World Wars and the respect he had amongst the people. I think everyone should have a known person to look up to. I think between Melissa McCarthy and Winston Churchill I would quite like like to be a mixed of them both. Both strong people, successful in their own way and speeches that make this girl from the North East think about her life. I’ve read lots of quotes he said but this one is my favourite…..

“We are all Worms. But I believe that I am Glow Worm!”

Blenhem House and Garden

Blenhem House and Garden

RIP Churchill

RIP Churchill

Inside the Carriage

Inside the Carriage

Churchill Train and Carriage - it's huge!

Churchill Train and Carriage – it’s huge!

Churchill Quotes I like

Churchill Quotes I like

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