So I am currently visiting my sister, her hubby and my nephew Josh! Tonight whilst Sarah was entertaining him as he was a boy and just wanted food and sleep! He laughed and the only way to describe this is like the Cow and Gate advert. If your not familiar or not sure what I’m on about, it’s this one It was so incredible cute and funny to watch! Utterly amazing! He’s also got really fast with his crawling, he’s going to be like the road runner when he grows up! The character from Looney Tunes, not an actual person who runs on the road. I love it.

It got me thinking about baby’s laughs and how iconic this sound really is. As you grow up you intend to get a more significant laugh to go along with your personality. As there is so many out there, you never know which one will be yours. If you don’t think this is true, then please you not seen Mary Poppins. The Uncle Albert scene with Mary, Bert, Jane & Michael all have afternoon tea with Uncle Albert in the ceiling. They all sing “I love to Laugh.” Mary says about some people laughs sounding like snakes with hissing and others laugh through their teeth. Bert says some laugh too fast, some blast and some twitter like birds! I love this movie and I now have this song in my head!

Anyway, babies have one laugh and they’re all similar. The Cow and Gate advert has different babies laughing but the sound and pitch is the same. Emma Gellar on friends, had the laugh when Rachel or Ross sang “I like big butts!” Three men and a baby, where Ted Danson character is trying to make the baby laugh. Again, similar sound is being noticed.

Though the sound is similar and as we grow up our laugh changes. It could be the person who has the annoying laugh in the cinema or the one who laughs carries after the period of laughing. People then laugh again as that person has a funny laugh. You normally see it on live acts DVDs. Especially Peter Kay’s DVDs there is always one!

When laughing myself I think I actually have a few. Especially over funny names, they really do craic me up any time I hear one. The Friends episode “The One With All The Resolutions” has me in fits EVERYTIME. As Ross goes on a date with Elizabeth…. wait for it…… Hornswoggle!!! Even now typing this I’m laughing!!!

I think hearing Josh laugh like the Cow and Gate advert was one of the best laugh’s I’ve heard for a very long time. So what I’m trying to say is laughing to me is that babies laugh the same and adults laugh differently, proved by Mary Poppins. However a person can have different laughs depending on how funny the thing your watching is….

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