BBQs have never been my thing to do, to eat yes. At my mums house, we don’t own one!! I never think about buying one even an instant one, lighting it and cooking on it. Whenever I’m at my dads, its always a treat. Over the years they have changed and now are delicious. The other night was BBQ Beer Chicken and OMG it was delicious, but I would never think to cook it on a BBQ. The best ever food on a BBQ there was the BBQ pork two years ago. Delicious and caught fire! In 2012 my sister got married to hubby Adam. A few days before the big day, I went over to my dads, to meet my cousins who I hadn’t seen for many many years! Been at my dads a BBQ was in order. It was really nice, spending time with them, seeing them a lot older from when I remembered them to be like. It was lots of food and lots of talking. This was definitely a one off family BBQ event that’s not happened for a very long time since.

My birthday is in the middle of summer, so always brought an occasion to have one. Invite friends around, family and have a good time. As a kid it was one of those things I could let go. I remember being little and face painting my Uncle’s face pink. As I grew older and birthday’s changed they became less frequent. Until when my 25th was being planned I decided that it was a good excuse to have one. It started with buying far too much meat, having lots and lots of booze, friends with me and a good night. I honestly don’t remember leaving the house. As a bottle of Pimms, a box of 24 Budweiser, countless shots before we left the house. Rolling back in at 2am was fun! However waking up the next morning was not fun with a huge hangover. I think my liking of BBQs on my birthday is stronger as they are now a good excuse to have a drink!

At university me and my friends decided to have a BBQ or to cook food to help with the large amount of alcohol been drunk. This one BBQ was a classic, as it was first we had in Chester, how we managed to set a light the pathway, it still baffles me? What the best thing about it was that the BBQ turned into going to pub for supplies and staying out until 5am!! Rolling in the house and eating the rest of the cold burgers and sausages we cooked off from before.

BBQs for me have taken off in the country, no longer are they the make shift things by men or the cheap standing ones. Even the disposable instant ones have grown even making an appearance in Gavin and Stacey! Tho I do agree with Smithy that if you want a burnt sausage sandwich for lunch you can buy one cheap, fire it up, make lunch and dump afterwards. Today you have the stainless steel quick fire ones. I think BBQs have changed in the UK because of the fact we are more influenced with the way Americans cook on the BBQ. Cooking briskets, bbq pulled meats and grilled meats and vegetables. Even introducing the new ITV show BBQ Champ and shows like Man Vs Food and Diners, Drive-ins and Dives becoming popular. Personally they have been great tv shows since the days working at Disney. Either way the days of BBQs being a one-off event have changed and becoming a daily thing, even in winter with the help of the new BBQs you can buy. To me a BBQ should be something fun, have something amazing to eat and drink and surrounded by friends or family. Great beginning to night outs.

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