Blogs I’ve been reading!

So initially when I set up my blog I didn’t really think about the style of the blog, the way I wanted people to see the blog or how I would talk to the people reading my blog?!

I just thought originally it be about me and no one would read it. It be my own personal thoughts and feelings that would go out to cyber world and it would make me feel better. As this blog has gone, that’s not the case with friends and family reading this and commenting to me about what I have wrote. The more I have wrote and thought about blogs the more I have researched and looked at other blogs and about what they write.

In 2012 watching Tom Fletcher wedding speech, I became a fan of his and following his sister Carrie Hope Fletcher and his wife Giovanna Fletcher blogs, YouTube channel’s and social media accounts. The three of them interlink their accounts through different media but they all have the same theme of blogging about their life’s and thoughts. I especially like Carrie’s blog as she allows her fans to ask her questions. She gets a variety of questions, but it doesn’t matter as she answers them all. Giovanna’s blog is linked to Hello Magazine and she writes as a weekly update of what her Tom and their son Buzz have been up to. That type of blog is like having a column in the paper and not as daily as Carrie’s.

Being a big fan of Sister Sister when I was a kid, I was excited to learn that Tia and Tamera were to do a reality TV series. On this series they spoke about creating their own blogs. Tamera has carried on having an independent one. Her blog has so many different styles to it. She blogs about her own life, home decorating, family, healthy living etc. She has sections of different things she likes. With her blog she wanted to create a likeness to reading a magazine with pictures etc. I think she does separating the different topics she talks about creatively which makes it easier to follow overall.

It’s not just celebrity blogs I follow but a lot of fashion bloggers especially those who blog about plus size clothing. A lot of them show and give their own personal opinion on the latest clothing, shoes, accessories and products coming out. I think this is great as it definitely helps you when choosing what to buy for your next big event or just for work or day to day. However personally for myself I don’t think I could do it. I don’t have the confidence or a sense of style like these women. I love how they have entered into a new community and found a way to promote plus size women and promote shops who support this.

Then there’s Disney bloggers…………. people who blog about going to the park, whilst in the park, coming home from the park and my personal favourite – what they have bought! There is so many people out there who blog about products they buy in Disney and how they like them, use them and what others think. I mainly like this because I like to see what people buy, what they think of them and you get to see new products brought out in the parks. I know a few people who go to World of Disney everyday to see if anything new has come out! Now that’s a life……….. I love all things Disney and these blogs fill me with warmth on cold days!

I think with all the research I have done I think there’s a main lesson to be learnt. Your blog is your blog and it doesn’t matter if it’s like other peoples. You should take ownership of your blog and write about what you want to. Whether it be your day to day life or a distinct theme of a blog. It doesn’t really matter, because as long as it’s clear to your reader and they get where your coming from it doesn’t matter. Though I do like how Tamera Mowry separates her’s out. Either way what I have learn’t is to take ownership and be proud……

PS: If you have not checked out Tom Fletchers wedding speech then here’s your opportunity –

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