My current life…

So these past few months I have felt like I have taken a step backwards or more like a leap. My life has span around in a different direction and I am back to where I started. I honestly feel like I’m in a computer game and I can’t get past a level. Although that would probably make no sense to you and you will think what is this Charlotte talking about. It’s the only way I can describe my life at this moment in time. The reason behind this is because I am job hunting. Writing about myself and how brilliant I am, filling out countless application forms, searching for jobs and reading about companies I have never heard of. To have an email sent to me to say that you have been offered an interview or not. To be quite honest it really does suck. It’s boring, it’s repetitive and not creative in anyway shape or form. Then to top it off your surrounded by people who have a job and they are posting, sharing, bloging, tweeting or in some cases vloging about what they are currently doing. That get’s you all down and gloomy. Having firbromyalgia it does not help what so ever. So instead of getting even more depressed that I cannot full fill my 30 things before I’m 30 or even do the boring things like paying bills or filling up your car with petrol. I would talk about the flip side of job hunting and what I have discovered on my route to find the next job.

  1. Speaking about yourself whether it be on a cover letter or an interview you are made to think about the things you have achieved in your life. I can say that I won 5 awards whilst working for The Disney Corporation one which got me a free meal in Le Cellier. So I got cheddar soup, steak and a chocolate dessert with a bottle of wine all free just because I was nice to a family visiting the most magical place in the world. I can say that I achieved a 2:1 degree from University of Chester and all the experiences I got whilst studying there. I am a qualified teacher for post 14 years and I know how to do this with 2 and half years experience. That I am more than willing to do whatever the job may be even if it is being a DJ at a funeral or organising weddings/birthday celebrations. By doing this on a day to day basis you can think to yourself about things you’ve achieved and that in all will make you smile.
  2. As you are searching for that next role you can discover new things in life that you did not know exist. For example I have recently found out that you can do a Gin Tour in central London. How did I find this out well I was applying for a job close by and so it on Google maps. As this can be depressing as you actually need money to do these things you can of course keep lists or store it in your mind somewhere. Think one day when I have a job I can go into London and sample 15 different types of gin and ride a bike around Southbank.
  3. You never know what’s around the corner when it comes to job hunting. Although a lot of people don’t like being in limbo land, I can definitely relate to this. I have to think on how lucky I really am. I don’t have to look for a job in a certain area due to I have a child to look after or a mortgage to pay for. I am able to look for jobs wherever. Also being able to say to employers you can start tomorrow is actually a good thing. Yes you never know which direction you will be taken into next or which path to go down. You have different paths on which you can chose from. I think personally to myself tha it is a good thing and not a lot of people at my old age can say this.

Even though I could dwell on the downside of job hunting and there is quite a few things I could. I think the only thing which annoys me is when a company says you haven’t got a job and they give you no reason on why. Without the reason how are you suppose to carry on or improve on where you are going wrong. It’s a roundabout within itself but without the answer or knowing the right route to take how can you progress?

I think what I am trying to say is that even though you have to fight for companies to get noticed, your applying for a job which every other person are applying for. You have to make yourself individual showing them you have got the skills they are looking for. It’s not guaranteed you can predict or know what they require. I think that’s the adventure of it all and that’s what keeps you going when applying for work, day in day out. You have to have some faith that you will find a job and it will be all worth it in the end and you will be able to pay for the things you want to do.

I would also like to add on to the bottom of this, to thank my family for their support, guidance, encouragement and endless supply of a bed to sleep in, a roof over my head and food in my belly. You know who you are and without you I wouldn’t be able to get through it all. Thank you!!

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