Bank Holiday Monday

Bank Holiday Monday means food, drinks and family and this year August that was the case. My Dad and Michelle decided to go to their local inn as they were advertising live jazz music, hog roast and a game of boules. We walked around the corner in the drizzly rain, avoiding the puddles and arrived into a very hot inn! The inn was filled with a jazz band, men drinking and lots of talking going on. We got drinks, sat and talked and went for hog roast. The pub had succulent pork, home made potato salad, green salad and condiments to go along with it. For desert was a mango and berry ice-cream. All was delicious especially the potato salad.

After dinner conversation got onto Princess Diana, as today marks the 18th anniversary since we were made away she passed away. Michelle spoke of her highly, saying she would like Kate and would love the kids, all I agree with. It makes me think of if they would have met? If Diana didn’t pass away would they have met? My guess is not… I think because she passed away, she inspired William to go do his gap year, to study at Saint Andrews with him being the first to go away. To want to do the subjects he studied. Would he have met Kate at Saint Andrews? Would there paths crossed or would we have another Queen of England in the future? I know you can never find out what might have happened, but my guess is not? Is probably not the answer everyone will have.

It got me thinking about if people have come into your life or left your life would you still be doing the same thing? Throughout my life, people have come and gone, falling out have happened, sometimes we have made up and other times we have gone our separate ways. After a disastrous wedding I never attended, it really has made me realise that “People come into your life and people leave it… you just have to trust that life has a road mapped out for you” Orlando Bloom. To that I believe on this wet and miserable day that life moves on with or without you.

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