Giving Customer Service

….. Customer Service.

Since I was young, I’ve been taught about customer service, the way to do it, the way not to do it and why it’s important. Even more than normal, I’ve been taught the Disney way of dealing with customer service. As I’ve been walking around the past few days, shopping or out and about I seem to notice bad and good customer service. I don’t know if it’s because I like to see it or if I like to criticise the worker giving it. Either way if you look closely then it’s all over the place to see it. Recently whilst visiting my dad its been more visible to see.

Out and about buying lamb for dinner, I witnessed a young guy in a supermarket uniform walking into the store with headphones on. Whilst walking in a customer stops and asks for help. He abruptly says that he hasn’t started his shift yet and couldn’t help her. Unless this is an odd store policy the supermarket has I think it was rude not mentioning how he said it. Instead of getting another co-worker he walks away. Whilst there are other co-workers around to ask. The lady who then had a full trolley of items decided to walk out the store. If the worker, had stopped and got someone else or answered the lady he might have quickly helped her. Wouldn’t have taken him long. However I have been in that situation, so probably running late for his shift and needed to clock in. However it does make me think about what training he had and if he loves the job.

To me customer service comes with loving a job you do, to want to help other people and to try and do your best. It stems from being a brownie and guide and saying the promise and motto which is to help other people. To be a good person in dealing with customer service I believe you have to experience it in order to give it back to another person. For myself I have experienced good and bad customer service. Good from Disney, when in a shop and asking for another size clothing or when out to dinner with friends and family.

I think another aspect of customer service is knowing the product, knowing what you sell, do or whatever is key. To understand this you can help the customer getting the right product which means for the business repeat service which is what a business wants overall. In order to do this you have to be able to help others. I could get into the whole body language, non-verbal etc and how this counts for everything.

Being asked what I think about customer service and what it means to me many times lately. How do you explain that customer service to you is about being able to do something without thinking. To have the heart to help other people and not just do it because you want extra cash in your back pocket. I’ve been in the situation like the supermarket worker, I stopped and helped. Seeing people be abrupt to a customer, I just don’t understand it. I think the way to have the best staff in a business is for them to experience good customer service themselves. To experience the body language, to ask the questions or opinions in some cases. In all I think it comes down to deep inside and if you want to help other people.

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