Cooking smurf cauliflower!

The end result....

The end result….

In the first Bridget Jones’s Diary movie, she spends four hours cooking “blue soup, omelette and marmalade” pointed out by her friends whilst having a celebratory dinner. The soup turned blue due to the string she put in to tie the bouquet garni together. Bridget says before her friends arrive with Mark now helping her cook, “it’s blue……. oh it must be from the string!!” Why her friends were served blue soup. Due to the popularity of the movie and this scene you can now make your own blue soup

Tonight I wasn’t making soup or used any blue string. Instead I was cooking purple cauliflower. When cooked turns a pale blue leaving a pan filled with blue water. Me saying “it’s blue?!?” So whilst dishing up my pork chop covered in a mixture of oil and spices, mashed potato and vegetables mix. My cauliflower came out blue! Michelle called it ‘smurf cauliflower’.

The taste and texture of the cauliflower was normal and no different. With cauliflower cheese, being one of my favourite meals, I think combining the blue and the blue from a blue cheese would be a great combination. However this caused me to think of this Bridget Jones moment and I thought I would share it. Believe me, this is not the worst or surprised meal I have cooked, but the first blue one!

When it was cooking...

When it was cooking…

The blue water!!

The blue water!!

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