Fashion Icons I love

What makes a fashion icon? Can it be anyone? What makes a great fashion icon, is it someone current or can it be someone from the past? I think for me, it’s someone you can relate to. You can see them in the papers and magazine and think I could wear that.

Since we’ve all been aware of Kate Middleton, she has turned into this amazing fashion icon and someone I admire. I think the reason why people like myself admire her so much is due to the fact she is a commoner who has married a prince, but keeps her roots by wearing clothes off the high street like everyone else. She has the ability to turn something from TopShop into an item everyone wants to buy. Like others she wears the same item of clothing more than once. She wore a white polka dot dress that she wore to visit Harry Potter Studios and again for a friend’s wedding. How did she do it? Like every other women, restyling the outfit to look different. She’s not afraid to borrow items from her sister Pippa and wear the items, like many of us do. Being Kate and the future Queen, the perk must be able to have fashion designers come to her with designs of dresses to wear for occasions. Like her Osca de la Renta dress she wore for the BAFTAs, which was absolutely gorgeous. I think to me that’s why she’s an fashion icon as she can do it all.

I think another person I admire in the fashion world is Kelly Osbourne, not only growing up through the media, overcoming demons and losing weight. Appearing on Fashion Police you get to see her style and I do think I could wear that. I especially like how she wears past styles, like midi skirts with tops or pencil skirts. I think its because of creating her own style, Cosmopolitan magazine called it “Punk meets quirky meets classic style. I think quirky fashion is definitely something I love and would like to wear more of. Despite her being on fashion police, having fashion designers come to her she recently got it wrong at the VMAs according to the papers. What defines style and who says it looks good or bad. What annoy me about all of this is that she gets criticised over wearing something relativity normal. Where Kim Kardashian wears a wacky green army dress,

Another icon I admire is Melissa Mccarthy. Not only has she started her own clothing line for every women including plus size to wear. Melissa Mccarthy also wore a Marina Rinaldi dress to the Oscars, it was stunning but I remember a lot of papers reported that clothes designers wouldn’t make a dress for her as she was plus size. This was before she became famous with the movie Bridesmaids. Since this movie she has been overwhelmed with choices and designers wanting to make her dresses for red carpet. Typical normal everyday story made popular by the movie Pretty Woman and the famous Rodeo Drive shopping scene.

I respect a lot of women in the fashion industry and what they wear to events like Kelly Osbourne and Melissa Mccarthy and what they wear. Like the Kardashian sisters and their style, though I wouldn’t wear most of it, like Kim’s VMAs or Met Ball dresses. I like their style. As a woman developing and growing you need women in the world to look at for fashion trends and styles. Even Audrey Hepburn’s classic look still gets talked about these days.

Overall these ladies are fashion icons in their own right, respected by people all over the world and rejected all over the world as well. A fashion icon like style is a personal belief. I think that’s why I love Kate Middleton, as she wears the clothes you can buy off the high street and have the dream dresses you wish to own from the designers. She’s not afraid of wearing the same outfit again, she makes a fashion statement without wearing meat or a outrageous flower dress. She’s classic, respected by a lot of women around the world and a global fashion icon by magazines and newspapers around the world. I think a fashion icon to me is summed up completely by Samantha from Sex and the City who says:

“But I do insist you top off that tag with some Dior sunglasses. It’s MTV. If you’re not wearing something the kids can’t afford, how will they know to look up to you?”

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