Apologising again!

Yet again, I’ve not been posting blogs on here. I’m sorry!!!

It’s not because I have forgotten about this or that I have been super busy because either of them is not true. Honestly it’s because I generally haven’t been feeling myself lately. When I do this I tend to go into a pattern where I don’t talk or communicate unless your around me. I always feel that when it comes to that time of my month or ill. I go quiet for the risk of losing or saying something stupid. With the whole job hunt thing, life not having an angle or anything going on, not a lot to report. I’ve been reading blogs about what people do when they are ill and how they cope especially living with a life-long condition. I’m not saying that Fibromyalgia is serious but it does seriously not help when your feeling ill. I think its because I generally feel like my pain doubles up, what niggers I could cope with turn into these things which are unbearable. Since staying somewhere else other than home, I’ve realised there are comforts I turn to when ill. Instead of winging about what I’ve been feeling I thought I would say about the things I like when feeling ill…….

But before that I just want to rant on about the word poorly. Seriously, this word is normally used when describing not feeling very well phrase to a child. Not one grown women, adults, whoever should use…… as an adult I totally agree that there should be words you use as a kid and never use them again as an adult. Unless you have kids or talking to a kid. One of those words is poorly!

Anyway back to it………

  1. Something to cuddle – being single = no partner. This is why single people by plushes, to help when their ill. My new thing I want is the boyfriend pillow from Glee.

    Boyfriend Pillow

    Boyfriend Pillow

  2. A cup of orange juice – waking up on Saturday this was not available… I realised how much I turn to it…
  3. Fruit – only time I ever want it is when I’m ill or in a Pimms pitcher!
  4. Pizza – Everything is better with a pizza, it’s normally the Ristorante Mozzarella one but this week Domino’s Cheese and Tomato!
  5. Movie – curling up to a movie and watching it. It’s normally one I’ve seen again and again, this week it was Back to the Future and it worked!
  6. Lemon Tea – a new one but it really does help to calm my stomach!
  7. Hoodie/Scarfs – I always want the back of my neck covered up!
  8. A duvet/rug – something to curl up into!
  9. Flat coke – my Stepdad said they used to give it to people in olden days to help them feel better and its stuck with me ever since!
  10. Something to concentrate on – Having Fibromyalgia my number one thing to control my pain is distracting myself with something else! It really does work, hence why I have wrote this blog!
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