What’s going on in the world today?

There’s been a lot of headlines in the news at the moment. Some I like. Some I don’t. Some I wouldn’t even comment about and some I would rant on about. In this blog I have three topics recently taking over the news headlines which I thought I would discuss why they have caught my eye. What I don’t or do like about them. My aim is not to offend anyone. My aim is to write about topics I want to discuss and give my own opinion.

Jeremy Corbyn

So Jeremy Corbyn has been elected to be the new labour. Though I did think his Prime Ministers Question’s was a new idea, I think this is the only thing I actually like about him, currently. The way he went around being elected was very tough and strong approach. The thing that got me upset the most was his choice not to sing the National Anthem. Though a decision has not been officially made if he will become a member of the privy council and if he will or will not kneel before the Queen. He made a decision about not singing the National Anthem. The National Anthem, does have resemblence to the Queen, as you sing it in front of her, its about her and know to be played at major events. The National Anthem, is more than that. It’s a something lucky you sing before a football match, at the start of a meeting or group or about people fighting or fought in the war. To me it makes me proud to come from the UK. When you hear it, you sing it. To me that’s something I have watched others and told to do. Even Brownie Leaders teach the girls the words in order for them to get their Brownie Traditions badge. Whatever you think of Jeremy Corbyn being the new Labour leader for me it’s not making the right impression.

Army Mothers

I have full respect to anyone in the army serving our country, going to the front and training up in their role. I respect them all men or women. Will show my support to you. Will say thank you if I ever meet you (a thing I did a lot in Disney!). As I have never thought about joining the army, its something I respect them every time.

The thing that has got me at the moment, is the army mothers whom took a photo of them breast feeding their young children. I don’t see anything wrong with breastfeeding, I know the benefits of it and why people want to encourage new mums. Especially young mums. However what my rant is, is people who breastfeed throw it in faces of others who probably don’t want to see it. I’m not a mother, nor have I ever been. As a woman I feel uncomfortable with women thinking it appropriate to post pictures. Why is this encouraged? Why should you need to post the photo? Be pro, encourage people but please don’t make it news worthy headline each day. A friend shared, a post on Facebook, of a women given access in a Tesco office, to “have lunch” with her son. That I encourage with companies being pro this and helping mothers out. What I disagree with is when women, sitting in coffee shop or toddler stops thinking its right to get her boobs out. Not everyone wants to watch you feed your child. Not everyone wants to see it happening. I feel that places have a right to ask people to be discreet when it comes to this nature. To suit all customers and the modesty of the lady feeding her child.

Caityln Jenner

Since 2007 and being introduced to Keeping up with the Kardashians, I have always been a fan and watched the shows. I love Khloe, seeing how they dealing with real situations and going outrageous on others. Seeing Bruce’s face change, hearing and reading the speculations over different procedures he had it was finally revealed he transitioned. Now I watch I am Cait. Though I can’t get over the voice, find that strange. I respect her for going public and open about her transition and creating awareness. Though she has not been through what some have been through. She does allow them to speak and to talk about them. I think because of her being in the public eye, more shows wouldn’t have come about and more to come. One of them is I am Jazz on TLC about a young teen and Boy Meets Girl on BBC2. Let’s face it the character Judy wouldn’t have got roles that she has been able to get. I think because of Caitlyn Jenner awareness more shows, films etc will come available to watch. For that I applaud her.

Three topics, three different topics, three opinions of my own expressed!

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