Josh’s 1st Birthday

September has been a very busy month for birthdays and celebrating including a birthday party.The first is my mum’s birthday. This year I felt guilty with not being at home helping her celebrate. To be fair, I knew I couldn’t be but it never changed the guilt feeling. Past years, we have always done something to celebrate, a craft fair last year, out to dinner most years or afternoon tea. Making sure flowers were bought, sweets were wrapped up and something special bought. I feel guilty, as she has done a lot for me, putting up with me, supporting me, telling me when I’m wrong or right, basically been a mum. Thanks mum and I apologise for not being there this year!

The second one is my nephew Joshua turned one year old and it made me feel rather old. He spent the day at a zoo loving Giraffes and Rhinos. Unfortunately his mum introduced him to Flamingos, one this Charlotte does not like. Speaking to his mum he had a wonderful day. Saturday came all of his family, friends and people who love him came together to celebrate his birthday. A cake was made, cupcake decorated, sweets bought and hog roast booked. Yep a hog roast, which tasted delicious! It was a lot of fun! Best thing was I got put on babysitting duty that morning. It was fun to catch up with people I’ve not seen for a whilst. Can’t believe we’ve had his first birthday. Looking forward to the many more to come, the ones where you dress up, the ones where he doesn’t want to do anything, the ones where he’s too old or getting old too. Either way there’s going to be a lot of cake!

The third and final one was my brother in laws. He spent the day at Warwick Castle with Joshua, Sarah and his parents. He seemed to have had a good day. I wished him a happy birthday on the Saturday and on facebook too. His birthday will never be forgotten by me as it’s the day I passed my driving test. Six years ago, I took my test in Middlesbrough, with the same inspector who failed me first time round. It definitely gave me more determination to pass second time round. I got home and I text Sarah and she rang me straight away, forgetting it was Adams birthday, I was shocked she was off work.

Anyway, here’s to future birthdays to be celebrated, which are not mine. Other people’s birthday mean you get an excuse to eat cake, party, have a drink, do something different and you yourself don’t turn another year older! To me is the best bit!!

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