It’s not personal, it’s business

I have read many different biographies about people and their lives that they have lead. From famous TV Chefs, to reality TV stars, business people, music and movie stars, people I’ve never heard of but wanted to know more, to people who celebrities have read about and made me pick it up. In all the books a generic theme comes across when I read them is that they all act differently in different circumstances. Eysencks said that we all have different personalities and ways on how to deal with circumstances. Peter Jones’s Tycoon book said how he is different to home or being in business. Katie Price is different to when she protrays as Jordan and Gordon Ramsay in Humble Pie (great title) says he is different person when at home to when in kitchen.

If you have read my blogs in the past you will know that I have been living the world as a job-hunter. Filling out application forms, ringing agencies reminding them who I am, attending job interviews, answering their questions like “why do you want the job?” and “why should we employ you?” Researching companies finding out who they are, if they have any jobs going, keeping up to date with current trends in industry and what’s going on in the world. Generally keeping my hope’s up that one day I will get a job!

Tonight as I write this I wonder how many people are going through the same thing as I am. Fighting against family members expectations and the way they see you. I know my family care about me, they want to see me get through this, blah, blah, blah…. Do you ever feel like your fighting something that shouldn’t be so? It’s not a fight as in fist fight but more of a verbal battle. I love them all but please can we change the record?

A few years ago I went for a job interview. Someone who knew me outside of the job who I did not know was going to be interviewing me was shocked I acted differently. Few hours later they offered me the job, there and then. This person was surprised over the way I came across and how differently I was to the person they knew outside of work. At university, a wise old professor gave me a top phrase to remember “It’s not personal, it’s business!” He may have stolen this from the God-father but he said to keep your personal life i.e the way you talk and act different to when you go to a job interview and work in a business.

So now when I go into a business, I don’t talk fast, I talk slowly. I don’t wear the scruffy jeans or low cut tops (not that I do anywway?), I wear smart polished shoes, clothes that cover me well. I don’t say “I’m not being funny” or “you know what I mean” or “like” or “OK” but speak more articulate and think before I speak. I read things that are going on in that industry and not just the latest going on in the Big Brother house or whatever it may be. I don’t act like the Charlotte you know me to be but a Charlotte you don’t know nor will ever know. I’m not saying me does not come across, because you need to show a sense of humour, personality in interviews, but not like on a night out.

A real annoying thing of mine, is that I hate answering questions like in an interview with family or friends. One being it never works. Two it being you wouldn’t act like that in an interview. Three being you don’t know the business so how would you know what I’m talking about? Like the scene from Gavin and Stacey, where Uncle Brynn interviews Stacey for the Cafe Marco job. He says about her being engaged five times and her saying they wouldn’t ask me questions like that. To me it’s a waste of time. If you do want to do it, ask someone who doesn’t know you really well or a business or job agency. Practice questions, anticipate questions they will ask and be prepared!

So here it is, something which is annoying me currently, something I wanted off my chest, something I hope if you’re reading this can understand.

I am Charlotte Louise Henderson Ba, PGCE – loveable daughter/sister/auntie/friend/family member outside of work. Inside of work I mean business, I am driven, creative and works under pressure. Like Mario Puzo says “It’s just business, nothing personal……..” If you haven’t read, The Godfather Papers and Other Confessions, I fully recommend it!!

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