30 Disney Questions Tag

30 Disney Questions Tag has been trending on blogs and vlogs I follow. So thought I would I do it, because I love all things Disney and these tags too! Enjoy!

1. Favourite character? Mary Poppins or Goofy!
2. Favourite princess? Belle! I fell in love with her first, but currently feeling like Ariel or Rapunzel!
3. Favourite heroine? Elsa and Anna!
4. Favourite prince? Eric (only because I went on a date with a real life one!)
5. Favourite hero? The Beast!
6. Favourite animal? O’Mally the Ally-Cat
7. Favourite sidekick? Timon and Pumba!
8. Favourite villain? Captain Hook (He popped my 21st Birthday Balloon – for that I will NEVER forgive him!)
9. Favourite original character? Mary Poppins by Julie Andrews (I hate the fact they’re remaking it!)
10.Favourite song? Let’s Go Fly A Kite!
11. Favourite villain song? Poor Unfortunate Souls
12. Least favourite song? It’s A Small World *shivers*
13. Favourite kiss? I know they don’t kiss but Rapunzel and Flynn’s – with the floating lanterns!
14. First movie I ever saw? Beauty and the Beast – it’s the one I remember!
15. Favourite classic? Mary Poppins or Bedknobs and Broomsticks!
16. Least favourite classic? Dumbo or Bambi
17. Favourite Pixar movie? The Incredible!
18. Least favourite Pixar movie? Wall-E
19. Favourite sequel? Toy Story – I love them all it’s too tough to choose!
20. Overrated movie? Cinderella!
21. Underrated movie? Saving Mr Banks
22. Movie that makes me laugh? The Aristocrats!
23. Movie that makes me cry? Saving Mr Banks!
24. Favourite scene from favourite movie? Tale As Old As Time scene from Beauty and the Beast
25. Saddest death? Scar’s
26. Favourite quote? “Who says we have to grow up?”
27. Favourite theme park? EPCOT or Magic Kingdom – both hold too many memories to choose!
28. Favourite themed attraction? Philharmagic!
29. Favourite show? Mary Poppins – saw it on Broadway and cried all the way through it!
30. Favourite love song? Tale As Old As Time

Some of these were really hard to answer but here you go!
Thanks for reading! Leave comments on what you think too 🙂

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