Food Bank Challenge

This morning I got reminded on timehop that the past two years, I’ve done the Food Bank Challenge with my Brownies. Being a Guider for me means you get to see the girls grow and mature, excuses to plan weekly meetings and pack holidays. Challenge nights like the Food Bank Challenge.

We explained to the girls the week before, what the Food Bank was and types of people who use it. Make them think about the people who use it (as this can be anyone, at any time of your life!). Said it was part of keeping their promise (serving community) but made it like a fun challenge for them. We split into sixes (i.e. groups) they were each given £1 per brownie (child) and gave them a generic list of items to buy. Things on the list included a tin of some sort, a cleaning item, a treat etc. Each six had a guider to assist them with. Each six had a person in charge of the money, pushing trolley, keeping an eye on the list, finding items etc. They could buy as many items as they wish, but had to keep within the budget. 5 brownies = £5 to spend. As each brownie paid subs (weekly money towards rent, equipment, insurance etc) as a pack we chose to donate this to the local Food Bank. After decisions were made we went to the local supermarket, finding items, surprising the general public on what we were doing, getting support and backing from others. Go back and show other girls what they bought and donate / leave for Food Bank to collect. Each year we completed the challenge, we got a letter to thank the girls/adults for their appreciation.

Pictures below show the amount we gathered first year, second year what the girls decided to purchase – Our Food bank was happy to receive Morrison basic line. You may want to check, see what they need and don’t accept. Some don’t accept milk powder for babies. Ours accepted dog and cat food, as they were in need of it.

This year I have spread the word on Social Networks to other units in GirlGuiding to try and get them to do it in their area. If you’re a guider, volunteer, charity fundraiser then I ask of you, to keep on with this tradition and try it yourself. Being creative when fundraising get’s the girls involved, they become a part of it, they want to do more, they tell friends and family to help too. From this we now have parents who regularly donate to Food Banks, other packs in the area doing the same thing and growing it more.

Happy Food Bank Challenge to you all!

20141006_195542 20141006_194035 20141006_194122

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