Being Single: For who could ever learn to love a beast?

“Take time to date yourself and don’t let guys state your worth because half the guys you date won’t be worth the time you have” Anonymous  

Too many times have I heard or read quotes about being single, taking time to be single and to find your path and to know who you are. Be yourself and not be who you think you should be. If one does not know who they are and what they want to be. Then how can one self live one’s life. To do this you need to…. well I don’t know because in true fact this is something I am working on and something I don’t have the answers to know. How do you start loving yourself and being the person you want to be when you’re stuck in a world filled with rejection, heart-ache, self-doubt and self-control over your life. In order to love one self and to move on then you should ideally find the things which you love. In this life this is not so simple. As a job hunter, you struggle finding money, when you do they normally have to go on bills which leaves you no money to do the things you want to do. In my life I’ve never had the confidence to discover what I really want in my life and what I love. Not what other people love or be easily influenced by those around me. How do you do all this when it’s not possible to do so? So in order to take time to be single, to learn to love myself and to discover who I really am. Then I have to find a job, a job where I am able to grow as a person. Fills me with satisfaction of a job well done. I learn new skills and develop ones I didn’t know I have or could do. To have a get up and a drive not just for application forms and interviews. To make not just my family happy, (well my nephews really), but myself as well. To remember that having a job will help you discover the things you want but gives you an identity as well. To myself now, be the best person you can be with the gifts you have and go show those interviewer’s what you can do. You will get the phone call to say you have a job which will offer the things you want and more. Never take this for granted, always take every opportunity given to you because one day it might not be there, and you will be back to where you are now. Take this chance as it probably be the best one since working for a mouse. To move forward and not backwards. To discover who you are, remember where you have been as this will help you a long the way. If your lucky, one day it might help you on the road to true love because who could ever learn to love a beast? Let’s face it, being single and alone sucks!!

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