Things I love about Fall

As it’s October and officially fall, I thought I would write about the things I love and hate about this time of year. Some people enjoy summer or winter but I think this time of year changes the way I see things. The colour changes in the sky. People’s mood changes. Things I love, come back into my life and we remember how much we love them again. So here are the things I love about about fall. Thrown in a few things, I’m not a fan of!

  1. Jumpers, Scarves and Boots – There is something about digging out your jumpers, putting boots on and thick chunky scarves around your neck. I like virtually shopping for them. I would love a pair of ankle boots like from the 1940s.
  2. Smells – I love the smell of cinnamon, whether it’s in a coffee, biscuit, in a candle etc. They all smell good to me!
  3. Sunflowers and Leaves – I love the rich yellow of the sunflower and the burnt oranges of the leaves, together they just make fall for me and I fall in love with them both again.
  4. Owls, Sunflowers and Leaves. – As a Brownie leader, I love an owl or two. So seeing them about this time of year is fun!
  5. Pumpkins – I love carving them, making designs and scooping out the middle. Though it gets in your nails, I don’t mind it. I like cooking with it. Being in a pie or in a risotto with sage, it taste’s delicious. I want to try pumpkin pancakes this year.
  6. Fireworks – Loud noises in the Sky, reminded of Disney, sometimes dangerous but not always fun……
  7. Cosy Nights – Nothing better then a hot cider, popcorn and a movie/ TV show sat underneath a blanket! Cosy winter nights mean watching re-runs of favourite movies.
  8. Halloween – My parents say that Halloween is a form of begging so I was never allowed to go trick and treating. So I never got the full concept of dressing up and trick and treating.
  9. Lead up to Christmas – When the kids go back to school, the countdown to Christmas begins. I always feel it’s too early, let’s enjoy this time of year.
  10. Socks – I love socks!! I love the feel of them around my toes, the wide variety of colours, patterns, textures, styles etc. The long knee socks are so cosy! I love the welly boots tops!

Here are my top 10 things I love about fall. What are yours? Are they the same? Do you agree or not agree? Let me know.

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