Finding Neverland

In the world which we live in today, we can’t open a wardrobe door and find Narnia, we can’t board a train at Platfrom 9 and 3/4 to Hogwarts, fall down a Rabbit Hole to meet the Madhatter or take the second star to the right and straight on until morning to get to Neverland. We live in a more complex world and have to have jobs, cars, houses and pay bills in order to survive. As this world is not going ever so right for me at the moment. I asked a friend of mine, if he had the directions to Neverland. He asked me why I wanted it and I said because “Neverland means not being an adult. Neverland means that you don’t have to make choices. Neverland is where you don’t upset or disappoint people around you. Neverland to me is where everyone is happy!” In his wise words his reply to me was “Everyone’s got their own Neverland, you just need to find it?” When I asked if he had found his, his reply was “He hasn’t found it yet, but he’s heading in the right direction to find it?”

This got me thinking about Neverland and other people and if they had found theirs. If I ask my family about this topic, they’ll think I was bonkers and mad. So I turned to the next best thing, Google! Found so many people had written about either finding Neverland, being in Neverland or saying hello to their own Neverland. The more I read blogs the more I realised they all have something in common. Neverland isn’t just one place, where everyone can go, it’s a place where everyone decides on what is in their own Neverland. They have strength and courage, they live out dreams and fantasy (if they want to or not!) and be happy and content in the world which they live in. It’s a world which they create filled with people they love, things they love and share to the world if they want to or not. They stand up for what they believe in and be confident in who they are.

I think in my own Neverland, it be filled with things I love and be a lot like my Pinterest boards. In my Neverland, I wouldn’t feel like I’m letting others down, by doing what I want to do. I would be a grown-up and most importantly make choices and be happy. In order to get there he’s right, you have to keep going in the same direction, one morning you’ll wake up and be there!

So to me Neverland does exist in this crazy world, it can involve a wardrobe to Narnia, a rabbit hole to Wonderland and a train ride to Hogwarts. You just have to have the ability to dream big, peruse goals, let others love you and learn to love them back and above all be true to yourself. Going back to my friend and his wise words that everyone’s got to find their own Neverland. My next question is: I wonder if two people can create one Neverland which they both live in? To that, I am working on………

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