Subscription boxes!

Reading around brand product magazines, blogs, websites and watching YouTube vlogss. I’ve seen that so many people are ordering subscription boxes. Monthly fee, get send products, either new or what you’ve ordered and something surprising in the post. As there is so many to choose from, I wouldn’t know where to start. I tried Graze when I was at university, but didn’t like it as all I got was nuts and dried banana’s. At my last role, a lot of them purchased them and they looked to be different. With pesto dips, chocolate, jaffa cakes etc. I might try it again. Reading an article on the Telegraph there is many more I’ve never heard of. Like one for bacon and socks, which got me uber excited as I love getting both as gifts! So maybe when I get paid, a bacon subscription would be worth it especially for Saturday morning breakfasts.

A company called Sanitary Owl have brought a new one out for sanitary products. You put in what you need, towels, applicators or liners, they send you out two months worth at a time. Yes some will cost you more but depends on what you need. They have packs for girls just starting their first period including travel cases, bags, all types and books to show how. I personally would purchase this as I don’t like buying sanitary products. Why? I guess embarrassment! I’ve always felt like this since being young. Getting my mum to buy them. Even now aged 29, I don’t like purchasing them. If I do I thank the person who invented self-checkouts as you don’t have to deal with anyone scanning the item. I even shy away from talking about the topic, to friends, doctors or family members. It’s just one subject I don’t like talking about. I would rather have a text to say “hey you’re not pregnant!” then have a week of un-comfortableness, being in pain and not yourself for days and days. Michelle just bought one of the Lady Garden jumpers and even then I wouldn’t have the confidence to wear something like that in public.

Yes we have all sat through the embarrassing PE lesson talking about this. We all have those embarrassing moments. Being embarrassed in buying them is no more as you can post them through the door. How was this all created because like me 11% of people are embarrassed in purchasing the products. Being a £506 million pound industry and women being on average six and half years on a period.

As subscription boxes in the future to purchase. I may love the fact you can get a bacon and a sock one but I’m good purchasing those items. So Sainitary Owls, Pink Parcelcondoms are the way forward, if you can purchase them via a subscription box. Some could argue that you can order these over internet and get them home delivered! You have to remember to order them, these you don’t!!

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