Corronation Street Tour

I wouldn’t say I’m a huge fan of the show Coronation Street. I do like watching when they have a special episode on, or a big storyline is coming to a close is when I watch normally. Earlier this year I got lucky that I got the opportunity to go experience the tour. We booked the tickets, drove down to Manchester, visited the set, got photos taken around the street and enjoyed the tour. With the experience coming to a close as it ends in December more people have said about going. Friends have asked me on Facebook what I thought about it, enjoyed not enjoyed and get my overall opinion. From this their deciding now whether to book tickets and go. If you haven’t booked tickets, have a read of this see what you think and make a decision. Here’s what I thought of it all.

  1. You get a photo inside the Rovers Return (this one is at a cost! I didn’t buy it as it looked AWFUL!) and one outside the Rovers Return. I think this is why everyone wants to go and it’s so popular. When walking down the cobbles everyone stops outside. Getting a photo with no one else in it is unusual but do-able.
  2. Like all tours this depends on whether or not your tour guide knows their product. I was lucky as we had Lee who worked behind the scenes at the set before it closed and turned into a tour set. Or is this something they all say? I couldn’t quite decide!
  3. You see sets  but it’s a lot! You see the Platt’s front room, Jack and Vera sitting room, Carla’s flat and many more? Necessary? Not really, quite boring……
  4. Get ready to watch lots of clips of past episodes. Some of them are good as you do remember episodes gone by, characters come and gone, but to have one which was 10 minutes long in the middle of the tour, nearly sent me to sleep!
  5. You see Fred Elliot coffin, now if you know who this is and see this small coffin you know they don’t match up. Why does the tour have a section of memorabilia from characters who have passed away?! Morbid I know, but the Fred Elliot coffin is one I have never understood how and why it’s so small!!!!
  6. Roy’s Rolls would have been a great place to get a bacon sandwich but unfortunately there or the backstage cafe did not sell one. Missing a trick!!
  7. Last one………. Coronation Street is famous for its cobbles down the main path and all around their set. So remember this when picking out footwear. I chose ballet pumps as it was a nice a day, it hurt my feet walking up and down the cobbles! You have been warned!

Overall though my day had good and bad points to it. I’m pleased I did it. Not only for the chance to say I’ve had my photo taken down Corronation Street, peeked inside Jack and Vera’s letterbox and tried to get a bacon ‘sarnie’ from Roy’s Rolls. Its a chance to take a look down memory lane, remember who Mike Baldwin was and to get lots of selfies took! Just remember the cobbles as their uncomfortable to walk down and it be a lot of standing up and watching and listening to a guy mad about the show! You may find out a spoiler or too, like we did………

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