Wahaca, Tacos, Morrocan, Turkish and Chocolate

Reading past blogs, I’ve realised that I haven’t said about what I’ve been cooking lately and also lucky enough to sample. I love to cook and try new recipes from new cookery books, magazines I’ve read, cookery shows I’ve watched and what other people have suggested. Living at my Dads, him and his wife Michelle also love to cook and lucky for me I get to try new recipes and taste new things. So I thought I would update you on what’s been going on…..

So I wrote a past blog about going to the Cake and Bake Show in London but I didn’t mention going for food at Wahaca on the Southbank. A Mexican street style restaurant. I loved it. Having portions which you can share and being like Spanish Tapas was brill as it means we got to sample a wide variety of the food. (Check out the menu!) We had Empananda, Pork Pibil, Taquitos, Chicken Tingas, washed down with Mojitos and for dessert there was Churros. Being like market street food, it came out when it was ready, like when you go to Wagamamas. I would fully recommend the restaurant if you love Mexican food, like I say you really can’t go wrong with Mexican Food!

Living with Michelle and Dad they have been cooking healthier food and portion control food a lot. I’ve actually learn’t from them both why portion control is important, so thank you! We’ve been watching Jamie Oliver’s Superfood programme on Channel four and Michelle bought the book. It was decided we would try some recipes.

The first one was made last Saturday by Michelle and Tasty Fish Tacos was on the menu. She home made the soft-shell tacos, cooked off the fish and peppers and made the kiwi salsa and had salad and black-eye beans as well. I loved the kiwi salsa as it’s so different but would work with other dishes like fajitas. The flavour of it gave the bland whit fish a lift. Having a white fish recipe to use is one I will be definitely doing again soon as I normally find it a bland food.


The second was Sizzling Morrocan Prawns. We did struggle getting the prawns, but eventually found them in a local fishmongers. You marinade (or fester as Sarah Milican calls it) garlic, rosemary, paprika, oil and hot water into a paste and rub over the prawns. Leave for 10 minutes. Make cous cous, vegetable, citrus and mint salad. Cook the prawns for 5 mins. Serve them both together with mint, yoghurt and pomegranates. The flavours worked really well, but I think if I was cooking it again to try them with Lobster tails, as they are thick enough to soak up the flavours and less mess and peeling.

2015-10-16 19.58.24

Reading magazines, Dad came across Stuffed Aubergines and Flourless Chocolate and Pear Torte recipes to try. To make the stuffed aubergines, you cook off lamb mince, basmati rice, harrisa paste and other spices stuffed in a scraped out aubergine. Why not have the aubergine inside is confusing to me? We had a kale salad on the side. It was delicious, spicy (!) and filling. Would recommend doing it, but wouldn’t use the aubergines but stuff it in something? Made no sense using an aubergine without the filling? Dessert was flourless chocolate and pear torte which was delicious with the dark chocolate, richness of the base using meringues, the home grown pears and marmalade orange rind topping was heavenly.


Here is what I’ve been cooking and sampling. Check out the recipes, see what you make of them and comment below. I love to cook and to try new recipes, new foods and to go to new restaurants. Any suggestions always welcomed. I’ll keep you updated on any future recipes or restaurant trips we make and try, Enjoy!!

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