Smile’s and frown’s!

I’ve been reading Sarah Milican’s online magazine called Standard. She admits five things that make her smile and five things that makes her frown!! Let’s start this…. five things that make me smile!

One. Being an Auntie, my family and friends – If you have read my blogs previously, you will know that I’m an Auntie and I have a little nephew called Joshua. He makes me smile from ear to ear. He’s growing up so fast, it’s so exciting to see especially his new one learning who Mickey and Minnie are! My family because they’ve always been there, even in the dark days! My friends because they keep me grounded and remind me that it’s ok being different to your family……

Two. Disney – Growing up with the movies, songs, going to Walt Disney World, working for Disney, having friends equally interested in Disney, like me makes me smile. I love the movies as they are guaranteed to make anyone smile. Who wouldn’t want to sing a long to Do you want to build a snowman? Going around the parks character hunting, riding the rides and eating the food. Friends who love Disney makes me smile as I don’t feel odd.

Three. Food – Cooking it, reading about it, watching it, talking about it, reviewing it or eating it – I love it all.

Four. Going to the Theatre – I love the theatre, going to see new plays, musical or amateur dramatics. It makes me smile, I just wish I could do it more often.

Five. My DVD collection a mixture of quirky, retro, new, modern, thrillers, comedys, chick flics, documentarys, TV shows and much more.. it makes me smile!

Now for five things that me frown!

One. People who don’t try new foods – This really does annoy me. Why have all this different type of food in the world and not to try the food? To go without trying a new curry, fish or new trendy style of cooking. We live in a world of diversity, diversity should be awarded.

Two. Models who are not plus size – what is wrong having a curvy lady modelling clothes? Not everyone is skinny and some people need to look at others to feel confident in what to wear. That’s how the fashion industry works.

Three. Banana’s – Disgusting fruit to eat by itself! I don’t mind it in sweets or milkshake. Hate it singly, on toast, in a fruit salad etc. I can just handle it when feeding it too Josh!

Four. Feeling Cold – it’s a self explainer…..

FIve. Being judged at my age – People who stare at you when you say your single and have no kids at 29 years old. I’m not going into details, but it really does annoy me. Every time I talk about it, it makes me more annoyed! It’s a choice I’ve made. I’m not saying it’ll never happen. You have to learn to love yourself before you can love others. I’m working on loving myself currently. One day, hopefully soon, but you never know!

Here are mine, five things which make me smile and five things which make me frown! What are your’s?

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