Why a Geordie girl loves Wales!

I thought I would explain why a northern Geordie lass, loves a country called Wales……..

A lot of people think it’s because of people I know who live there, the television show Gavin and Stacey, the accent and the scenery? Yes all of these things is correct. I have met some amazing people from Wales and I love their patriotism for the country and their love for it. I love the characters, the show, the humour and the one liners which Gavin and Stacey has. The accent is amazing and I blame Tom Jones for that one. The scenery is beautiful, but when driving around I do have Tom Jones’s “The Green Green Grass of Home” stuck in my head. I will probably sing it when driving too. So why Wales? Well I always thought it started when I went to a band camp when I was 17. When going through old photos and reminiscing with my mum, we realised that it may have started from being young. Favourite song which used to annoy my Grandad, was Shirley Bassey’s Hey Big Spender. Where’s Shirley from? Wales! Television show I loved as a kid was Fireman Sam which is set in Wales. I didn’t know this until travelling to South Wales for the first time. I used to watch the show Famous Five, the 1970s version, but one episode in particular “Famous Five Get into Fix. Yes you’ve guessed it, it’s set in Wales. So in true fact I don’t actually think it started when I was 17 but more when I was a kid.

I’ve done some fun stuff whilst visiting different places around Wales, like going to Bounce Below, visiting Barry Island where Gavin and Stacey was filmed, seen the house in Stella (best day ever), go out into Cardiff with Disney friends, spend time at a 4* caravan resort and park, see the longest name ever for a place, work in the country where I met Only Men Aloud, got to hear an all male Welsh choir and see John Barrowman live in Cardiff! It’s the place where I got hooked onto Welsh Cakes (tho you can buy them in England, it’s not the same!), celebrated Saint David’s Day having a Welsh Cream Tea, ate Chips from Boofy’s with curry sauce and found a cocktail called Welsh Dragon, which is delicious! Got given a Wales Rugby Union shirt, a welsh keyring and a sheep as gifts!

Fun times have happened in Wales, I love the country, the people, the accent and getting recently hooked onto Rugby because of supporting Wales. One thing is for sure that I am thankful for the people I have met, the experiences and fun times I’ve had there. Hope for many more to come……

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