Strange job interviews lead to….

Being on the job hunt, means you go to new places, meet new people, find out about new companies and answer lots of questions. Thinking about it really, it’s all just a strange process. At times can be similar to a first date with someone. As two people meet to exchange pleasantries, you have one who talks about their hopes and dreams and the other sits there asking questions dampening the other persons hopes and dreams. The dream being why you want to work there, what you will bring to the company and what type of pizza you will be? Yes, one question I got asked. Another favourite was “how would a colleague, a customer, a family member or friend describe you in three words?”  With each interview you go on, you pour your heart and soul into the job interview, answering questions and talking about yourself. The other person sits there giving nothing away and you have to keep going not knowing what their looking for. In each time I interviewed and went to different places including, a very posh hotel, wishgranting service, aerospace company and where they make F1 cars. You had to stay positive and remember the person sat in front of you has not heard your story yet or what you have achieved in your life. Stay positive, keep smiling and drink the water they offer to get you.

On Thursday I went to a headquarters of a well known toy-shop to interview for a marketing role and less than 24 hours later I got offered the role. 24 hours before I went for the interview I was rejected for a job I thought I wanted and accepted for a job I knew I didn’t really want. The job I got my gut throughout told me to go for it, I was nervous throughout it all, but tried to stay calm as much as I could. According to HR team, I impressed the interviewer a lot.

I’m all excited about starting the role, meeting new people, learning new skills and working and doing skills I have been taught in the past. I’m ready to show I am worth taking the risk on, I can do the job I said I can do and to start the new chapter. As my favourite toy says “You just need to believe in yourself!” So tomorrow, I am ready for you, I am nervous too but it’s a dream come true! Wish me luck!

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