Which TV would you choose to be trapped in forever?

Reading Standard Issue this month I spotted “Question of the Month” which was “Which TV would you choose to be trapped in forever?” Now as a lover of all TV and a fan of lots of different variety of shows. I thought this would be a tough choice. In true fact, it’s not. As I would love to live in a town called Stars Hallow, go to Luke’s for a coffee and bacon sandwich and buy a t-shirt from Kirk saying “Babette ate oatmeal.” If you have not guessed, the TV show I would like to be trapped forever would be Gilmore Girls.

Not being a fan of this show from the beginning, I got into it from my mum whom introduced it to me whilst on summer break from university. If you don’t know what it’s about, then you definitely need to check it out. It’s about a mother and daughter relationship who are more best friends, whom the mother has a fragile relationship with her own but they both in a quirky little town with eccentric characters. You see the daughter move from public to private school and then go through university at Yale leading to getting a job on a president’s trail. The mother goes from running an inn to buying an inn. You see them both date different people and the ups and downs of them, including Luke’s horoscope moment. I think what I like the most about is the town events they have throughout the entire seven series. Some of them I would love to do myself. A 24 hour dance marathon, with a 1940s them dress code, a knit-a-thon, end of summer madness festival can’t forget The Amazing Doggy Swarmi! The two main characters Loralei and Rory eat takeaway including a lot of pizza! A karaoke bar, the red white and blue movie theatre and The Queen Victoria – one place I would love to go to!

Overall the show has everything you want in life, a pizza place, Luke’s Diner, able to go to Yale University, quirky characters and interesting events to keep you going all year. So for me if I had to live in a TV show trapped forever, it will be Gilmore Girls. The fact that there is a rumour for them to make a new series, is just exciting! As I love the show and watch the episodes on repeat a lot. It won’t be the same as one of the main characters, Richard Gilmore played by Edward Hermann passed away, he was a big part of the show. The show’s chef, Sookie is where the name of my car comes from.

Oh I read one article which said about the Top Three favourite scenes in their TV show. So here’s mine, Enjoy!

  1. Luke’s Horoscope
  2. A Film by Kirk
  3. Tonight’s my name is Bill…..

One Comment on “Which TV would you choose to be trapped in forever?

  1. You make Gilmore Girls sound like a totally different show than what I watched. I didn’t enjoy it as much as everyone else it seems. I did enjoy the dialogue though, the witty comebacks and such. If they could write all that in a book I’d never stop reading it.


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