Lest We Forget

Today is Remembrance Sunday, but it doesn’t feel like Remembrance Sunday to me. Normally I am flapping around making sure I have the Brownie flag prepared, I have found my guider’s tab, putting on lots of layers of socks, gloves and hand warmers, collection money, sweets in my pockets with mum yelling at me “are you ready yet?” The reason is that I’m normally in Guisborough with a bunch of Brownies, marching up to the cenotaph to take part in the two minute silence, church service and watch people from all different groups, backgrounds both young and old lay wreaths. This wasn’t always the case in Guisborough……

From being a Guide aged 10 years old I took part in Rememberance Parade in Guisboorugh and one year carrying the flag. When I returned back to the North-East after three years at University witnessing Brownies take part in Chester parades. I took it upon me to find out why Brownies weren’t allowed to take part in the parade. My investigation i.e. letter’s wrote, questions asked and meetings arranged, found that it wasn’t down to the British Legion not wanting Brownies there but a Guider not wanting to take part. That cold Novemeber morning, 9 Brownies 3 leaders took part and got every person in the town saying how nice it was to see them. From then it encouraged other packs to come take part and Guisborough Guiding was represented. Last year for the 100th Brownie Birthday, I made sure my brownies layed the wreath and were represented.

Today is the first year in five years, that I’m not in Guisborough witnessing and taking part in the parade. Feels very strange. Not seeing the fire-fighters of the town, hearing the last post played by a friend in Salvation Army, seeing friends from school in their army uniform. Knowing that Brownies today were represented in Guisborough taking part, being proud of their uniform makes me smile that all that hard work five years ago was worth it. Remembering all which fought to keep this country safe, Lest We Forget….

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