“If you believed they put a man on the moon”

I always got told that once you get to a certain age time goes quickly. The days will seem like hours, the months will seem like days and the year will go in blink of an eye. This year it seems that the Christmas Adverts are far too early this year? Someone in the office felt like they were “too festive” if that’s even a sentence? One advert which has got the nation talking is the John Lewis Man on the Moon advert. Last year, I fell for Monty the Penguin, wanted a penguin from the store and loved the song from Tom Odell. This year the advert has got to me in a more angry way then a positive Christmas feeling. I think it’s good that their bringing attention to elderly people at Christmas time being lonely. As this is something you do hear a lot. In Guisborough the local church does a “soup kitchen” morning where elderly people can go have a meal and company on the day. They take food donations from the local food bank, which my brownies donated to last few years. Having a little girl realise he’s on his own trying to get a present to him is sweet. Isn’t this weird where kids are told to be careful of talking to strangers? Her family think it’s fine she wants to send him a present? No-one talks to her, bats an eye lid or questions her actions? How did he get on the moon? Is he from the nursery rhyme or is he from the song R.E.M did? How did he get there? Did he have company and someone died or is he buy himself? Too many questions wondering about the advert and the basis of it. One thing for certain is that they are making life of a situation which should be brought to attention. The truth behind is that the advert costed 7,000,000 to make and would they raise that money in donation’s for charity. Time will tell, but the advert itself makes awareness for now, it won’t last forever and people will forget to check on older generations. I find the pulling of the heart strings not worthy of me and I see past it. Unlike many others talking about it. Overall good point to make awareness, but the content of the advert is something I’m not a fan off!

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