What I’ve been up to when not blogging!

So I haven’t posted on my blog for a whilst. It’s not because I don’t want to but mainly because I’ve been busy. Here’s the 10 things I’ve been up to lately.

  1. Life’s been revolving around my new job. Settling into the role, learning the role, learning names of a lot of people and what they do, finding my feet, learning the role itself and how things work.
  2. Learning that things take time but if you calm down it will come naturally. Oh and think about it before you go head in.
  3. There is two 6.30 in one day, but if you see 1.30am you know you won’t see 6.30am
  4. Some people leave earlier then you do so don’t complain about the time you get up.
  5. Trust your gut in both following it and with food
  6. Watching your nephew take his first steps is the best feeling
  7. If your sister is pregnant let her get on with stuff and don’t fuss!
  8. If your car makes a funny sound then check it out it could be something bad
  9. Keep in touch with the ones who love you
  10. There is a world away from daytime television – though you can catch up with This Morning clips on YouTube – just not at 1.30am!

Time has also included spending time with my nephew and watch him take his first steps. Catch up with friends from Disney. Tasting Oxtail for the first time. Quick weekend home. Realising that it’s Christmas soon – but that’s for another blog.

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