“Owl always Love you!”

On Friday a very loved family member sadly passed away. He was loved by all, getting his own nicknames and relationship with us all. His name came through a bizarre way due to not being able to name him but it became the name everyone knows. Our first meeting was in 2009 after being very unsure about each other, it soon became an instant love. Learning about a new world I didn’t know existed. Being amazed about the different things he can do, like walk backwards on a window ledge, not afraid of going in the bath, go to other people houses for food, jump over a baby gate and hide in a boiler tank. He loved his food, talking away early in the mornings to make you were up to feed him. He always got advent calenders, treats and exciting new things to try from me including stolen bites. In 2012 he famously made it onto the top of a wedding cake not to be missed out on the occasion. Despite all this the best thing about him, one thing I will miss tremendously is his protectiveness over my sister Sarah. When she’s been ill or pregnant, he’s always been there by her side making sure she’s well. His caring nature side even passed over to myself and my mum as well when we have stayed with him. I definitely believe that his instinct knew when something is not right. His gentleness over meeting my nephew, Joshua for the first time was tremendous, shall never be forgotten. Making sure pictures were sent to me of them together. Double Trouble they definitely were. Although my heart breaks in half, I could cry my little heart out about him, will always miss him. To me he was the best. He had the ability to bring me and my sister together, buy me amazing presents and inspire presents from Sarah too. Like my pillowcases which will stay with me forever. The photos taken of him by me or Sarah will make me smile and make me remember about the good times we share. My favourites being with his first Valentine card and our photo we got together. Owl always love you, you were the best ever cat, Neko. Sleep tight.

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