Christmas Cola Cola Truck 2015

For years and years I always got excited about seeing the advert, hearing the song and seeing the red truck. Yes, you’ve guessed it, it’s the Christmas Coca Cola advert. I love the song the Holiday’s are Coming – seeing the children (& adults) get all excited about the truck rushing out to see him.

In 2007 when my mum was visiting me in Disney, I bought her two ornaments with the Coca Cola Santa on them. The Santa who made all the Santa’s outfit red. In 2009 when the Coca Cola Truck came to North Wales, me, Jess and Lois went straight there to visit. It was amazing, getting photos taken and free can’s of coke. From then each year, I have made an effort to go see the truck. For the past three years, it included cocktails and dinner with Amy. This year was different…

Hearing it was going to be in Reading, I immediately text Sarah to say can I take Josh! She replied with a YES!! We travelled into reading, went for burgers and dogs at Ed’s and made our way to the truck. When we got outside we immediately saw the truck. Then realised that the que was really long. So we got a photo taken opposite and showed Josh the truck. Telling him to look out for the advert because that’ll tell him when it’s Christmas! He might not have realised what it was, being only 15months, but to me it was perfect. I got to show him the truck. One year Josh, Bump, Sarah and me, will get an official photo done for mum to hang on her Christmas tree each year, like she does with the ornaments I got her all those years ago. I can show bump all about the truck. I know it might not be a Christmas tradition to everyone, still relatively new but to me it’s an important one. It might be a brand image marketing gimic, but hey they got it right.

Christmas memories, starts with doing it for the first time, this is one Christmas memory no matter where I am, it will continue with me. I may have missed out on other traditional Christmas activities. That’s okay, because I got to take my nephew to see the Coca Cola Truck for the first time, it was a magical moment! Thanks Josh and Sarah for making this happen!


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