Charity start’s at home….

I’ve never been opposed to people wanting to raise money for other people around the world. I’ve supported many people raising money, taken part in Comic Relief for numerous of years and have donated to others when I can. This is my opinion, I’m not wanting to cause arguments just write what I think….

I now think we have come to a time where we need to think about helping people closer to us then people living far far away. In the UK we have people who live below the poverty lines, we have children who are obese, elderly who suffer each day, people who are fighting against being flood damaged, people who are ill trying to raise money or parents fighting for equipment to support those disabled.

Watching David Beckham, him talking about people abroad and how they are affected and the work UNICEF does. It does make me feel sorry for these people. It makes me annoyed on how many times do we raise money to help others abroad when we could be raising money to help people down the road. I know that all charities, deserve our support and should be helped. Why can’t we support people who live closer to home then raise more money for people abroad?

Every time Comic Relief comes round and we get told “£5 will buy a mosquito net” I think, I wonder what £5 will achieve if we donated it here in the UK. Would it buy a breakfast for a child who doesn’t have any, pay for a bus ride for an elderly person to have company for the day or towards educating adults on living more healthy.

I think when it comes to raising money, donating to charity for years to come, I think I will donate to charities who help people in the UK then put money (again!) to those living abroad! Charity starts at home, so why can’t we support more UK charities! Aim for 2016 (well one of them!) raise money for charities here in the UK!

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